Kpow Audio to do The Banner Saga

Job Position: 

Since we completed the audio for LA Noire, we have been hard at work setting up our studio for exciting projects when they appear. We were conscious of seeking out projects that were different from LA Noire, as we sought opportunities to show our diversity. So when we saw The Banner Saga, we contacted Stoic right away. By some good fortune, they were fans of our work on LA Noire, so after some email discussions, we were signed on to The Banner Saga! Take a look at the Kickstarter campaign at It is very hard to express how heartening and exciting it was to hear these guys, who are making a game that I backed as soon as I saw it, were excited to be working with us.

This game is looking incredible, and is just the sort of rich, detailed world that makes creating audio a joy. As their Kickstarter campaign has done so well, we are confident this game will be amazing. There is still a few hours left on the campaign at the time of writing, so if you are into deep stories, rpg's and strategic turn based combat, check it out.

As we are about to go into production on this, and as we look for more exciting projects to go to town on in the future, we are thinking about getting an audio programmer to help us out with the implementation of our audio. When we approach any project, we keep in mind our mission statement of creativity, intelligence and innovation, and to ensure we hit these tenets every time, we feel we need to be handling implementation in house. It just makes sense. Its early days yet, but if anyone knows any very talented audio programmers in Australia, please drop us a line. We need someone who really cares about sound.

So that's our news! We are looking forward to making this game incredibly immersive with evolving environments. We have ideas. We can't wait, for this and many more amazing, yet unknown, future projects.