Screen Australia announces support for 14 interactive projects

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Screen Australia have announced the 14 interactive projects that they'll be supporting through their All Media Production and Digital Ignition programs (now combined under a new name, Multi-platform Production) during the Sydney Film Festival held just last night.

This round of funding was described as "highly competitive" with a total of 89 applications received. From Screen Australia’s Chief Executive, Ruth Harley

“We’re thrilled with the volume and quality of applications we received as awareness grows of our support for content creators to capitalise on the fast-moving digital landscape,” said Dr Harley. “We have both new talent and established players collaborating and telling stories through interactive documentary, games, web series, apps and multi-platform television.”

The projects chosen for funding make up an interesting mix of interactive digital content, including storybooks, information apps, documentaries, television and motion comics. Of great interest to us are the games supported, especially since many of them are from former employees of studios such as Blue Tongue Entertainment, Torus Games, Pandemic Studios, and Krome Studios. These are the games receiving funding...

By Robot Circus
App for touch screen devices
Producer/Writer Nick Hagger
Director Kevin Chan
Synopsis A ‘living book’; different every time the reader opens it, dependent on a variety of real-world factors including time and date, weather, and proximity to key events. Eleanor is an eight-year-old girl living in a picturesque coastal town called Seeker’s Bay. Every day her mum gives her a chore to do that puts her into contact with the town’s cast of residents. Every read expands on the stories that bind the community, ultimately strung together by a historical mystery as to how the bay got its name.

By League of Geeks
Game for touch screen devices
Writer/Producer/Director Trent Kusters
Marketplace Surprise Attack
Synopsis A digital card and board game for iPad, featuring a rich and visual game narrative pitched as Game of Thrones meets Kung Fu Panda in which players compete to become ruler of the Kingdom of Armello, playing as anthropomorphised animals from different ‘clans’. It will be distributed for free via digital distribution with revenue arising from in-app purchases.

Many Monkeys Development
Touchable electronic computer game
Producer/Director Matt Ditton
Art Director Kevin McGrath
Synopsis In the flow of life, only a true master can control the balance of energy. In Feng Shui Master you keep the forces of life in balance. As the groundskeeper you maintain the harmony of your village as you learn to master the mischievous elements around you. Feng Shui Master is a deceptively sophisticated game that marries thoughtful narrative with unique gameplay.

Loud and Clear Creative
Game for touch screen devices
Producer Joel Beath
Creative Director Keith Walsh
Creative Technologist Ben Beath
Synopsis A world exists just beneath the surface of our own where two factions of elemental energy beings are fighting an unseen war. As the Earth’s original inhabitants, the Eventide have grown weary of the human race destroying the planet. The bad guys, known as the Habitites, want to wipe out humans, but the good Eventide stand in their way. Children can now connect with their own personal Eventide, learn their ways, and over the course of an involved narrative, can connect with their society through gameplay, and help them in the ongoing war.

Torsion Fork Studio
Interactive animation for touch screen devices
Producer Joe Tabor
Writer/Director Jeremy Kool
Co-writer Amanda Kool
Marketplace Bento Box Interactive
Synopsis An interactive adventure book for iPad and Android tablets. Not simply an interactive story, The Paper Fox is a ‘My First Adventure Game’ for young players. A charming story with integrated games that will suit a young audience; the humour and unique art style will engage children and adults alike.

Of course, The Paper Fox isn't technically a "game" as such, but it was initiated by former Krome Studios environmental artist, Jeremy Kool. The Paper Fox also successfully crowd-sourced over $10,000 via Pozible late last year. Other game industry-related projects to receive funding include Time Tremors, a multi-platform television series from Adelaide's The People’s Republic of Animation, and THE MYSTERIOUS LIFE OF MARTHA GRIMSTONE by Two Bulls and The Grimstones.

The next round of Multi-platform Production closes on the 8th, August 2012 and the Digital Ignition strand closes on 10 October 2012. Guidelines are available here.

For the full list of application winners, head on over to the Screen Australia website…


Johnno's picture

Congrats to the game projects!

I was thinking of applying last round for an iOS project but I was put off by the clause about marketplace attachment. I just re-read it to make sure I did read it correctly at the time, and it does say

"Self-publishing on an indiscriminate digital store such as iTunes does not amount to marketplace attachment. However, a relationship with a publisher to release on that same platform may fullfil the marketplace attachment requirement."

and then

"Marketplace attachment should have a monetary value"

But I see that Armallo made it through with a marketplace attachment of an Aussie PR company. Is this all that is required for "marketplace attachment"?? I feel so stupid for not applying now! Or is there another trick to getting around this eligibility requirement??

Anonymous's picture

They're going to look at a range of factors Johnno. Who your team is, what published credits they have, the concept itself and what other projects there are and how it fits into the slate of projects they want to invest in. What you think will cause them to take a pass on your project, isn't probably NOT what will do your chances in.

FYI: The Digital Ignition stream doesn't actually require for you to have "marketplace attachment." Last I checked. You'd think having it would actually be a help anyway, but not really:

At the end of the day, you are at the mercy of the two anonymous assessors they choose to look over your project, as it is their recommendation that will decide whether the board provides your project with funding or not, and, you will not get a chance to defend yourself.