Letsmakegames: What's Up Pitches?! 2012

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Friday, 25 May 2012 (All day)

Letsmakegames have announced the return of What's Up Pitches?!, their lightning paced 3-minute game dev presentation pitching event, for 2012. New for this year is the Video Pitch. If you can't attend What's Up Pitches?! in person because you're located remotely or out-of-state but you'd like to pitch to the Perth games development community, then here's your chance to still get involved. Simply register at Letsmakegames.org then send the organisers the video link of your pitch and you're set to go!

If you're interested in pitching and spreading word about your project, thoughts, or game ideas, then download the highly informative Pitching Companion and register yourself by shooting Letsmakegames your name, the title of your pitch, and your contact address! What's Up Pitches?! is being held on the 25h of May which isn't that long away, so get in and register now!!! The deadline and event dates are as follows:

Friday 11th of May
• Deadline for submission of a question or problem to be posed to the community

Tuesday 22nd of May
• Deadline for registering yourself or your team for a pitching spot (spots may be filled way
before this deadline so the earlier you register the better).
• Deadline for submission of a video pitch. Given the greater chance of things going wrong,
it’d be preferable to have these earlier.

Thursday 24th of May
• Deadline for sending us a copy of your presentation. You should also bring a copy with you
on the day.

Friday 25th of May
• 5:50pm Bump-in, check your presentations and be handed your presentation schedule
• 6:00pm Attendee registration
• 6:10pm First Session of 8 Speakers
• 7:00pm 5-minute break
• 7:05pm Second Session of 8 Speakers
• 8:00pm Closing Speech and netwo

(The Letsmakegames post on What's Up Pitches?! 2012)

If you came to last year’s event, you’ll know what to expect but to serve as a refresher for veterans and an introduction to newcomers, here’s a quick breakdown of the event:

What’s Up Pitches?! is an evening of lightning pitches (3 minute so-called elevator pitch) presented by members of the community during which they pitch ideas for games, community initiatives, events or anything games related to their peers. Whether you’re pitching brain-teasers, food for thought or your idea of the world’s most epic game, we want to hear about it. Last year’s event attracted about 60 attendees from students to practicing professionals and we anticipate similar numbers this year. What’s Up Pitches?! will be hosted by our great sponsor, Spacecubed, a co-working innovation space located in the CBD. A short description from their website:

“Spacecubed facilitates a community of changemakers in a 550sqm co-working, collaboration and innovation space located at Ground Floor rear, 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth. Spacecubed provides central access to hot desks, team working space, events, seminar and meeting space.” – www.spacecubed.org

Time, Date and Registration

This year’s What’s Up Pitches?! event will be held on Friday 25th of May 2012, from 6pm till 8pm, followed by networking and debriefs. Participants may opt to pitch as individuals or as a team and the registration deadline for all presenters will be on Monday 21st of May 2012. Participant and attendee registration can be made via Facebook (Let’s Make Games, http://tinyurl.com/6o4t4el ), Twitter (@letsmakegames) or via e-mail (events@letsmakegames.org).

There’s 3 main ways to have your say at What’s Up Pitches?!

1. You can attend the event, hear other people’s pitches and discuss the ideas after the pitch during our breaks or the networking session.

2. If you already have a great idea and want to present it to your peers, register for a pitching spot now!

3. You can pose a problem to the community and have them pitch you their solutions on the day.

Check out our Pitching Companion for more info about deadlines and recommendations.


Mike G - Lime Rocket's picture

Awesome event and I'm stoked to be doing an interstate pitch for our shiny mobile platform and how we hacked a single player iPad game to make it a real time 500+ multiplayer.