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ThrowCast 3: Legalese

Application for Digital Ignition
End of one sprint, start of another
End of "Abstract"
Start of "Bearium"
Internal videos

The Legals
Our goals
Not get sued
create a clean, simple legal framework
IP owned by a company
Royalty shares
Intellectual Property (2 mins)
Establishing it (needs a contract to make it not wobbly)
Company structure
The company vs the game
Employees vs contractors

Let's Play Automation: V8 for a Cappo (with Cas & Rob)
Student animation (1st year) - AIE
Day 2 -- Little game for Freeplay
Racing Game for iPhone & iPad gameplay video (work in progress)
Automation Original Soundtrack
UDK Security Camera Tutorial
Monster Truck Destruction Update - Destruction Test
Let's Play Automation: The V8 Nucleon (with Andy & Rob)
Quick Quest First Playable
Automation Dev Tutorial: Car Aero and Size Stats
Let's Play Automation: Cold Steel Taxi (with Andy & Rob)
Interactive Game Environment Assignment - Pug Class Part 2 - AIE Sydney
Little Dev Update: Suspension Types
Octopus Diorama Breakdown
Monster Truck Destruction Update (29-04-2011)
Monster Truck Destruction Update - Soft Bounce Test
DroneSwarm Command - iPad Development Video 5
Captain Jameson - Progress Report #001
Bullistic Unleashed - Level 13 Hint Video
Commando Bros Gameplay