My first character pic

I'm not really an artist of any sorts, but this is my first real portrait (of an RP char of mine) and I'm real proud anyway, so here goes:



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Looking good.

Kinda reminds me of the art style they use on the cover of the GTA games... a collage of characters like this.

I like it.


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quote:I'm not really an artist of any sorts

Pffft [:p]

Theres talant there so keep on sharing the love and do some more drawings to show off [:)]

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Here's another pic that I'm working on:

It's for a friends RP character.. I've yet to do her teeth and I've still gotta fix the shading and such. Not to mention add the bottom.. but feedback would be appreciated. Y'know when you draw something, you can sometimes get too close to it and it's hard to see it from an outsiders perspective.. well those are the things I'm tryna find out.

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I cant be the greatest critic of digital painting technique but one thing that stands out.. her eyes! they arent level. Id say its the left one thats off, it needs to be moved up and inwards.

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Oh yep, agreed! Thanks MoonUnit :)

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This is another one that I've started quickly:

I've just got concept scribbles for the body but I've started working on her head.

Like the others, they're all just hobby sketches for fun.


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im not great for crit on anything other then what jumps out at me and again its the eyes. The (our) right eye is rotated as if her head was straight and dead on. Essentially it needs to be rotated to the right slightly. To see what i mean cut out the image in PS and rotate the head so it is actually straight on. In situations like this it can be usefull to check youve got everything setup correctly (another common problem is having on cheeck actually higher then the other).

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Thanks for the tip, it's a good idea. I've been having trouble lining the eyes up properly in all the sketches I do, so hopefully once I get a few of them right then it won't be a problem for me anymore. I appreciate the feedback :) Maybe I should do the line art and before adding any colour, just make sure that the anatomy is correct.. making changes would sure be easier at that stage.