Looking for some zombie art

Ok, so I'm not sure if I'm allowed post this here, am I? I guess you'll tell me.

I've made a zombie game, it's pretty basic, turn based, small hexes, they contain either some background, a wall, the player, a zombie or the exit.

I'm pretty pov at art (the game currently operates on flat colours), so I'm trying to find someone who doesn't mind pointing me at some nice looking zombies / backgrounds that will fit (tile) in hexes

It's an open source, free game which I'm currently porting to android, so I don't have a budget or anything, but I'd be more than happy to make a credits screen and put whatever you want there

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would you have time to write up the simple description/dimentions/frame count for each asset or upload pixel templates which artwork could be put over? i'm currently making some zombies but being for a 'house of the dead' clone they might be a bit skinny. (alternative is to let you play with the max geometry and textures)