Practice modeling

Modeling Curtin's concept of the sniper character which can be found here . Started a few nights ago and this is the progress so far, purely for practicing modeling and texturing. Problem areas are the hands and shoulders. Comments and crits appriciated.


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Nice start man. Others than the shoulder and hand area which you've already spotted, I reckon you may not need those chiselled abs, if your fighting poly limit. You can probably get away with pure texture there and save polys for the juicy intricacies of his machinery.

His pecs also need defining, however if you interpreted the concept as a chest armour piece, then I suppose it's cool.

Also with the neck, you'll notice one of its major muscles (sternomastoid something or rather) should stretch from around the back of the ear towards the pit of the collarbone area. Right now it seems to butt up under the jaw.

Keep us updated! It's coming along great!

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Thankaz for the crits IronhideNT, really helped me out. A lot of things I didn't really notice untill u posted. The poly count I am aiming for is around 3500 or more, at the moment it is around 3000, so I will see if I have enough for the abs. I will update with a pic tommorow.

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Update, done the pecks, the bicep, the shoulders, tweaked the hands a bit and done the traps. Comments and crits appriciated.


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The overall anatomy of the upper body is looking great, I'm assuming theres work to be done yet but itd like to see a bit more of a dynamic shape to the cloth wrapped around his waist. Obviously a lot of that feel will be defined with the texture but the silouhette looks like a tube right now.

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I think you've done the upper arms bent/curved and you should straighten them out to make it more anatomically correct.
Just softselect the verts halfway between the shoulder and elbows and move them up till the upper arm straightens up.
Right now I see the bone in the upper arm would be curved, where as in a normal human the bone in the upper arm is straight.