Beer + Drink + Souri + Melbourne

Hello everyone, I *might* be coming down to Melbourne on Wednesday, the 13th of December to attend a presentation at the ACMI building. It goes from 6-pm to 8pm, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in coming along for some drinks after?

It would be great to catch up with everyone I've met previously, and also to meet up with anyone else. Anyway, let me know!

Ok, I just had a check at flight plans and it looks like drinks may be out of the question if I have to fly out at 9pm Souri2006-11-23 02:11:07

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damn, i woulda been up for that (and guess what, im actually over 18 and ALLOWED in bars now, oh those were the days...). Whats the presentation?

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It's the opening night for the "Hit's of the 80's" at the games lab at ACMI. Opened by none other than Alfred Milgrom, founder of Beam Software / Melbourne House.

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Super International Cricket by Beam rocks my snes!!

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I've sent Chris Taylor to cover the event for Sumea, and we have some video footage and interview happening with Alfred Milgrom which we'll have uploaded real soon!