It's come to the point where we have once again realised that there are not enough people involved in to handle all the things we want to do with it. We have big plans, and bigger imaginations, and only a tenth of the time to make things happen.

Attending the game expos has increased the awareness of our humble site to such a degree that we are looking to expand our group of 5 to the much cooler looking number 8.

We are looking for 3 more people to become characters on the site. We don't believe in faceless reviewers, you need to have a personality to you.

All things considered, it is a fairly thankless job, hard work on tough deadlines, and no pay.

On the upsite, you will receive free games to review, you will have a cartoon character drawn up of yourself, and you will participate in making AustralianGamer better then the shamble of a site it currently is :)

Interested? Email with your details, a bit of a speil about yourself, where your from, your gaming history, what systems you own, and what you think you can bring to You must live in Australia by the way ... I'd say duh, but we received applications from everywhere from America to Fiji last time.

MOST important of all though, the 3 people who are selected must be able to write. And I don't just mean put basic words together, I mean they must have a certain flair and be capable of at least the most basic writing skills.

Look forward to hearing from you, any questions please don't hesitate to email me.

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Just putting it out there, but we are still on the lookout for one more person to join the team, preferably someone in Adelaide. Even better if you have any knowledge of eSports in Australia.

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How's the recruitment going, Yug? It's great to see AustralianGamer expanding and getting bigger. But seriously, video podcasts!!

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Yup, we have gotten a total of FIVE new people on board now actually, which is more then we expected and pretty exciting :)

Cheers for the reminder Lithium :)

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Congrats to the new recruits. :)