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Well firt and foremost i'd like to say hi to everyone and introduce myself. I am being Jason Wright aka Meatex_Salami and sometimes Liquid-Metal.
I saw a flyer for this site at AIE and thought i would check it out.
Good design but lacking the mass content and user base of the larger and older sites like this one (then again this is the only Aus Game Dev site i know of). This, i am sure, will correct itself over time.
Oh im 17 turning 18 next year and hopeing to get into the games industry ultimately as a designer but my first priority is to just get in. I have dabbled in every feild used in games design from modelling to animation to writing to coding. I will say though that i doubt i will be becomeing a coder any time soon :P
I have done 3d animation at the AIE and will be continuing next year.
I want to get into design so i can create games that are fun and that have never been seen before (maybe a bit difficult but i will try)
Thats it about me for know, im sure your really not that interested in my life story hehe :)
While im here i want to ask if anyone knows a 3d game engine writen in vb (thats the only lang my freinds and i have knowledge in) that could be used for a basic isometric view RPG for a school project. Game play mechanics similar to wc3 if you take away bases.
Well i think thats enough for now.
So hi again to everyone.

Bloody hell its a giant harmonica!

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Hiya. Thanks for visiting the site. Yeh, I know it's certainly not as big as any of the games sites out there, but we're really catering for a niche of a niche market of a nich market here ( gamers -> australian -> developers & artists), so it's not surprising to me that the amount of traffic isn't as substantial as say Content wise, I agree that we don't have as much content, but of course you have to realise that Sumea has only been up for around a month, and I'm certainly hoping to get some articles up and going soon. Preparing for articles / contacting people and hunting around for news (especially when there isn't much going on, like now) and site maintenance is a wee bit hard for just one person too .. Sumea could certainly do with some more resources and helpers, so any offer of help by anyone is appreciated ..

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Well as you mentioned it i would be more than willing to help
I have got too much time where i have nothing to do (not entirely true i could do lots i just don't feel like doing anything that i could) so i have the time to help.
I also have, what i would describe as sufficient, knowledge in html.
I don't know any pearl, cgi or php so i couldn't help on those fronts.
But if you need help i will be happy to.

Bloody hell its a giant harmonica!

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I just did a quick search for you and came up with this, specifically the revolution 3d engine link. Oh yeah welcome to the site. I too am an aspiring game dev person:)

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