Secret Agent Amaya Borghild

WANTED: Amaya Borghild ( A-my-a Bor-jill-da )

Agent in the order of the dusk rain, a guild of elite 'honorable' assassins. Amaya is 28 years old, 5'10 and 122lb and although only a lowly koyakunin rank within the guild, she is more than a match for dozens of our elite soldiers.

Its rumoured she wields the legendary Star Souba one of the 12 swords of creation. It is said that this blade was first weilded by Lord Ozutsu Borghild during our worlds creation, to slay the sun and bring about the first stary night.

Amaya is deadly calm and deathly cold in emotion, avoid close confrontation at all costs.

- Reece Dhamser, Commander - Her Majesties Royal Gaurd.

Im calling her done, still some things id like to do, and maybe ill repose her for another shoot at some other stage - id like to explore her guild, maybe make her sensei or a higher ranked swordsman from the order of the Dusk Rain.

Programs Used:

3DStudio Max 2008
Zbrush 3.2
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Marmoset Toolbag