matte practice

Dont know if you post this kind of stuff here. Sorry if not.
Done as practice. Looking for work and experience in game or film industry.
Challenge on based on 'The Cell' brief. Zombies take over Boston.

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i'd say it's a safe bet you can post this stuff here.

freakin awsome.

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yep, awesome

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Thanks! Didnt think anyone would be up....Whoa Mexico just scored!!

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Thats incredible stuff, well done. What i want to know is how do zombies allways manage to turn over cars and set them on fire...

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Really nice, good job :)
Did you use many (any?) photo elements, or is it all hand painted?

MoonUnit ? I think it?s generally the terrified people that do all the car crashing, burning, rioting etc. Poor zombies are so misunderstood. All they want to do is wander about and eat brains. [:D]

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it's really awesome. top image, buildings on the left, they're photos, aren't they? they look a bit like a photo taken on sunny day and just darken alittle in photoshop, i think u could fix that a bit, but it's great anyway!

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palantir Thats photo and painting fire is mostly paint and smoke and some of the buildings mid distance on left also the highrise on right the road surface is painted and textured foreground cars I textured up. PICPOC foreground hotel on left are photos yes as they are in the light shining from the right they needed to have sun on them the shadows of the cars on right indicate its beaming in there so I thought they were sitting ok.
Moonunit, Zombies are misunderstood all they want to do is make friends.

Does anyone out there use much matte painting?

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i see now, it's just that bright area at the very top got me abit mixed up. thought that's the main light source but i see what u've done there.