Witch-Hunter: Demon Within-Needs Concept Artists



Release Date
Q3 2012 - Christmas 2013

19th Century England with Steam-Punk elements and supernatural entities.

NDAA (Narrative Driven Action Adventure, FPS/RPG)

Similar Titles
Doom (ID Software), Deus Ex (ION Storm), Thief: The Dark Project, II: The Metal Age (Looking Glass), Fallout (Interplay), System Shock (Looking Glass),

Several Unique, Steam-Punk Britain, Some other parts of Europe

1st Person 3D, with some 3rd Person elements thrown in

Plot Concept
In an Alternate reality the supernatural forces operate openly and ‘modern society’ has to call upon the forces of the Inquisition’s most feared agents, the Witch-Hunters. These Witch-Hunters are dangerous, cunning and deadly. They pride themselves with the latest technology and power; this allows them to strike down their enemies with the utmost efficiency.

20 years after the great Sabbath Wars the world is wounded and healing from the scars caused by the heretical and monstrous forces which rained terror upon the world. Most people blame the Witch-Hunters for the world’s torn state, even though the Witch-Hunter’s eventually won the great war.

The America’s are said to have hit it the hardest, they are ruined by a great plague pandemic and the southern and eastern states have seceded from the union leaving three waring factions fighting over the diseased land of Northern America. Europe is a burnt out husk with Eastern Europe torn by civil war and western Europe still fighting to hold the demons and monsters at bay. Spain is a great prison, Paris is destroyed, Italy is scared with memories of Demonic presence and England is left there being eaten away from the inside. Asia is the dominant power in the world with their magical barriers keeping the demons at bay they have claimed most of the world including Australia and Africa.

The Inquisition has returned to their job of fighting the Demon Within, the Heretic and the Beast which is in all of us. They hunt down entire Brotherhoods of Werewolves, Bloodlines of Vampires and Cults of Heretics.

Now years after the great Sabbath Wars another threat has awakened in the London Streets and calls for the most skilled of the Witch-Hunters to eradicate the threat. But one novice of the Witch-Hunters has been thrown straight into the thick of it, with a mysterious tattoo on his back and a forgotten past this Witch-Hunter is the man tasked with stamping out the threat.

This Witch-Hunter is you.

Recruited as part of a family you have grown up awaiting the day when you will be awarded with the title of Witch-Hunter. Your brother has always stood by you and you have admired him as he has been a Witch-Hunter for a few years now. The Witch-Hunters all have their specialities, your brother’s arm was severed in a battle years ago and has been replaced with a bionic one which he seems to always be tuning or upgrading. Some others have special weapons or suits and are called on personally for a different type of mission.

You are tasked with recovering a missing Witch-Hunter only to be thrown into a journey where you will encounter famous characters from stories like “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, H.G. Wells “The Time Machine”, Secret Societies, Vampiric Bloodlines, Lycan Brotherhoods, and fellow Witch-Hunters plus many more as he searches for the cause of the threat which could change the world all-together.

Competitive Analysis:
 A Dark and mysterious 3d world played through a 1st person shooter and Role Playing view.
 Absolute 3D freedom, explore Steam Punk London where you can take missions from contacts through out the city, NPC interaction includes Conversation trees, Killer AI and Faction AI.
 In-Depth World Simulation allows players to solve problems in a variety of ways.
 Fuses two popular fantasies; Van Helsing and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and more early fantasy/horror/steam punk literature.
 NPC’s are detailed with rich back stories, habits, personalities and traits.
 The Player can choose to get through obstacles a number of different ways, whether it be stealthy or aggressive.
 Emphasis on Character Development to assure that the player character is in every way unique. This also counts for the various NPC’s which will have extremely deep psyche profiles.
 Non-Combat interaction with NPC’s is common with the search for information, engaging in conversation or recruit them to your cause, what ever the reason for it being there the interaction will be realistic and intriguing in parts.
 Clear goals, constant rewards, varied interactions with people and places as well as varied mission types (including Sabotage, Infiltration, Extraction, Rescue, Intelligence-Gathering, Thievery, Reconnaissance, Assassination, and all-out Combat) keep players coming back for more.
 Goals can be accomplished through stealth, careful planning, undercover work or conversation, through the use of unbelievably high tech equipment or brute force combat tactics.
 Many different types of environments from the ever changing environments of alternate realities, the ethereal world of ghosts, bone strewn catacombs beneath dark castles or the forgotten druidic tunnels beneath a Steam-Punk London.

 Engine: Leadwerks 2, Bullet Physics, 3D, Freedom Elements RPG, FPS
 Characters: Real Time 3D models
 Creatures: Real Time 3D models
 Surroundings: Real Time 3D models, Sprites
 Structures: Real Time 3D
 Vehicles: Real Time 3D models
 Interface: 2D models


Requirements for Concept Artists:

-Draw Well
-Ability to Colour and Shade their work
-Understanding of Game Development
-We need an Environment Artist as well as a Character Artist
-Concept Artists will work with designers, 3D artists and Level Designers to work on the visual look of the game.

About the game:
-The game has a large emphasis on religion, while not bad-mouthing religions instead it criticizes how religion can be used as a weapon.
-The game is anything but a child's game, with heavy mature themes (any by that we don't mean sexual themes, but more on the disturbing side of things).


Up-front pay is not an option at the moment, but if you work on this project to the completion of the 30 minute demo we are constructing to pitch to publishers, then you will receive compensation for your work. Also, work on the demo may lead to further employment on the actual game.


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