- The new gamer website to find the best game prices

Hi everyone!

We are unofficially launching our new website this saturday.
You can visit us here:

The goal of our website is simple: to provide all gamers with a tool to find the best prices for their games.
We are tired of people paying too much for their games, and we are tired of casual gamers and parents being unaware of where to shop.

We are contacting Kotaku AU and IGN AU and hopefully they run a story on us soon.

As time goes on, we will add new features to the site to save you even more money.

If you like what you see, please tell anyone you think would be interested.
The more support we get, the more savings everyone will have.

See you online!
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Hey everyone,

The website is now live!

Check out to search and view the best video game prices in Australia.

New features will be coming in the next few weeks!


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Hey again everyone.

We have updated the site, and added new features.

The last Top Ten of the year has the coolest 10 games of 2010.
Our new feature is Specials. You can now browse through the specials on offer from 11 different game retailers.

Don't forget to spread the word of the site, the more support we get means the cheaper prices for you!


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great idea. I generally use for most games or import from the uk. A quick test for alan wake on xbox 360 was marked $59.94 as the cheapest on your site but was $29.95 on cdwow maybe you would think of adding it and other smaller online retailers to your site eventually

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Thanks for the tip, we will add cdwow to our list of retailers.

Don't forget that we list in-store and online prices, so the $59.94 price you saw was the in-store price.