Quake3 Lucy renovation

Always wanted to add some more polyes to Lucy's body

It's WIP so any comments are welcome.

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Metro 3d

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Hey always good to see your work in here :)

Nice work to, you captured the likelessness of her well. Something about her face givers her a slightly masculine look to it. ONly small though.

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Thanks for your comment. I thought nobody interested in this stuff :)

You are absolutely right with your feeling about her face. I changed it a bit and remodel hair. Here is how she is looking now:

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www.metro3d.narod.rumetro3d2006-12-15 05:57:04

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ha ha, haven't seen the original Lucy but this model is gold. I have a perverse interest in the morbidly overweight, well at least drawing and painting them! maybe I've said to much

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ha ha, don't worry we are all friends here, right? That's shot of original model:

Best regards,

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You've done well buddy. Perfect pin up for the locker, if you've got one big locker. The little pinch pigglet nose on the original model does alot for the feminine look. Reminds me of my sister In-law. Your heart goes out to my brother

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haha, this is great:)
was just talking to some of the guys at work about giving quake3 a facelift with todays budgets:)

this is a perffect example of what it would be like

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nice work bro..

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Oh'god our bringig back memories for me :P

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She is stunning. I always liked Lucy! great work.

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This is such an old thread that's just randomly popped up again, but the timing is impeccable because Paul Steed, ex-id software modeller who worked on the awesome models and animations in Quake III where that Lucy model originally came from, passed away just two weeks ago...


I remember Paul being a frequent visitor to Polycount.com back in the early 2000's and posting his incredible low-polygon work and modelling challenges. It was amazing how much detail he managed to cram in to such low polygon models (particularly of his favourite theme - nude females).

The AIE managed to nab him for a visit in 2007, and I remember him coming along to one of the Australian Games Developer Conferences back in the day.

Anyway, he released a fair few modelling books which I'm sure inspired many modellers, although we've had some discussion on his particular style that could be hard to unlearn from for those starting out in anatomy. It's an incredible shock to hear that he has passed away.