Screeeewwwed over!!

Nope, this thread has nothing to do with my job searches.

I'm talking about the PS3. I hate to sound like a paranoid man. But this is my take on the situation.

The hardware issue is merely a cover story to hide the fact that Sony lacks the adequate supply for a worldwide lunch in ALL respects. Not just a single component.

I was really looking forward to the PS3 this year myself. And one hopes that if they are willing to deprive an important fraction of their market [Aus, Nz and Europe in total.] Then when the new system does reach here I do hope where getting a more hardware-refined version.

Maybe shaving $100 off original cost to. That would help apologise to the gamer.

While there are positives to this action Sony has taken in an economic sense. You can't help but feel somewhat ripped off.

I wonder how the people who have put advance orders for PS3s from EB games feel about it. I bet they'd want their money back for now!

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Was anyone surprised, really? There were warning signs a short while ago when Kutaragi (or some other Sony person) mentioned that PS3 production had not even started yet. It didn't take much further thought to realise that they'd have to pump out PS3's at an impossible rate if they were to meet their 4 million units for the planned November gobal launch date.

Couple with the fact that the launch titles aren't too incredible (with the exception of Metal Geal Solid 4 and a few others), it may not be too bad to get the console later, when hopefully any issues that the new hardware has is sorted out..

* 6Gun 2 - BattleBorne Entertainment
* Avalon - Climax Studios
* Dark Sector - Digital Extreme
* The Darkness - Starbreeze Studios
* Devil May Cry 4 - Capcom
* EA Sports Fight Night Round 3 - EA Chicago
* Eyedentify - TBA
* Fifth Phantom Saga - Sonic Team
* Final Fantasy PS3 - Square Enix
* Formula One PS3 - SCE Studios Liverpool
* The Getaway PS3 - SCE Studios Soho
* Heavenly Sword - Ninja Theory
* I-8 - Insomniac Games
* Infraworld - Quantic Dream
* Killing Day - TBA
* Killzone PS3 - Guerilla Games
* Metal Gear Solid 4 - Kojima Productions
* Mobile Suit Gundam - TBA
* MotorStorm - Evolution Studios
* Ni-Oh - KOEI
* Omikron 2 - Quantic Dream
* Possession - Blitz Games
* Project Delta - Playlogic International
* ShadowClan - Tiger Hill Entertainment
* Tekken PS3 - Namco
* Vision GT - Polyphony Digital
* Warhawk PS3 - Incognito Entertainment

Anyway, I don't think we're getting too neglected in this case, seeing as there'll only be a paltry 400,000 units for launch in the US and 100,000 in Japan. That really is a tiny number of PS3's to fight over!


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im just eager for sept 14 to see if Nintendo announce a date. at least they are smart. They cant delay a launch if they dont have a date :P

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ain't a chance in hell I'm spending a grand on something that does pretty much exactly what its predecessor did but WITHOUT a rumble function, then a couple of extra grand to get a TV that will show it properly, even if Andy Serkis IS in Heavenly Sword, I'm spending the money on other usless stuff like my car instead

Seriously, I mean what casual gamer will spend that much on the same old thing when they could get a Wii for a fraction of the price. So what if it's hi-def, 120fps, however many processors and all that other wank, half of it'll never be used anyway, what casual gamer cares in the slightest about that stuff? all they'll be seeing is one console that does less, which costs faaarr more. The lead in the market? Sony can certainly kiss that shit goodbye.

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Ultimately I can't say I have toooo much anticipation for PS3. I think it'll have all of my 'hero' games I look forward to the most with fanboy anticipation (MGS4, DMC4, FF's, etc), but I'm also not too fussed with having to wait or not. The Wii has my anticipation right up.

after the last round of consoles, I think I played the xbox the least, ps2 the most, and gamecube in the middle; had the most fun on gamecube, least on xbox (ninja gaiden I think is the only memorable title I can think of) and a good run at ps2 (not as much fun factor as gamecube still).

So far with the xbox360 I've had a lot of fun -- no defining yay-I'm-bouncing-off-walls-fun ala gamecube provided, but it's definitely a well balanced system that's offering me a lot in terms of diversity and accessability.

So, go wii, not fussed about waiting for ps3, but still looking forward to getting my hands on my fanboy titles on it [:)]

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I must say I am intrigued by Andy Sirkis' "sacred genitals" though...

I didnt give the Cube enough of a chance, Xbox was my number one of last gen, I'm looking to go Wii first, then the 360..... aaaaaand maaaybe a PS3 if it drops dramatically and comes out with some pearler titles, Im talking like 6 or 7 completely astounding ones, which frankly I'm not seeing yet.

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Sadly my favorate game ever wa son a ps3. Dark Cronicle.. so as much as i hate this bull from sony..if they bring out a new Dark series game for the PS3 i'll have to be a whore and buy it!

Not happy with sonys crap..then again. Not happy with any of the concole makers. My choice comes form my taste of games and whats on offer.

Thus why i don't have a Xbox 360

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Cmon, give the PS3 a chance, it hasn't even been released yet and everyone's writing it off already? Look at the PS2, it got delays, it launch sucked bad, but eventually after a year or 2 it got some pretty good games and continues to get AAA games even now.

Anyways, i'm buying all 3 as soon as I have the moneys [:D] but i'll probably leave the PS3 till next year so it builds up a competent number of quality games. Heavenly Sword seems like a system seller to me, i'd be quite dissapointed if it turns out to be shit.

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yeah, Im going to buy a PS3 when I've got the money too........... so I guess that means I'll probably never own one......

and seriously though, all the games Im excited about on PS3 are coming out on 360 anyway, so I know who's getting my console dollars......

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"Cmon, give the PS3 a chance"

Ok man, fair enough you talked me into it, you buy me one, and I'll give it a go.

No seriously, I will

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quote:Originally posted by Jackydablunt

"Cmon, give the PS3 a chance"

Ok man, fair enough you talked me into it, you buy me one, and I'll give it a go.

No seriously, I will

i'll buy you one when there's a price cut [:p]

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Ill wait an indefinate amount of time for any console that goes hand in hand with the Final Fantasy series, bring on the FF13 Artistry.

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Sif you'd buy a console on launch anyway. Price cuts, hardware quirks fixed, finding out what's worth buying before you spend the dosh, and these days, you'll get a smaller console with a cooler colour. Waiting ftw.

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Wow. The anti-Sony, and anti-PS3 pervades everywhere. Quite funny stuff people. You know its just a piece of electronics, and to this point why do so many people spend so much effort posting how they wont buy one? Is it an attempt to convince others? Quite odd..

Basically when I look at consoles I look at the games, and features. If they have something I like, I buy it. Surprise, surprise. And guess what everyone is different, so like I said the anti type comments all seem quite moot and pointless - would be nice to see some solid reasoning being them other than the usual gear you see around forums like: "Too expensive, CPU is hard to code on, Bluray is crap, launch has been delayed, .. and so on".

For something that isnt even available yet, there sure seems to be alot wrong with it if you read the web media? In fact the web media is in-part responsible for most ppls attitudes I think. After a little email exchange from an Inquirer editor, it has become blatantly obvious to me, that most writers just dont like not having news to print about a coming device - ie to not have the hot goss of the day.

I personally think Sony had done a tun of silly mistakes, but they are all founded on Sony's actions.
Heres a rundown:
1. Misrepresent launch in Spring 2006. This was simply tempting fate. And it was a pretty sizable disappointment for many. However, its important to note this has nothing to do with the end result - the market, and the main reason for that is MS's poor performance to take advantage of a very good opportunity. So Sonys mistake, may have been a calculated ploy - who knows, but it made some ppl reasonably grumpy and disappointed.
2. Attempt software emul for PS2 compat. This was purely from a technical view, and imho the fact they have rectified that decision and replaced it with a hwardware solution is admirable, but it was a silly waste of time.
3. Multiple skews - I wonder if this should have been first, but hey. Its in my list. I simply dont take kindly to making developers lives harder than they are, by having multiple hardware combinations to cater for - thats just stupid. Yes.. MS are stupid too. Nintendo is the only one to get this right (in some ways).
4. Bankroll - Sony have put alot at risk for this. Too much I personally feel. But its a plus and a minus for me.

For things I think Sony have done right.. and there are many, but for some reason people prefer to ignore them:
1. Bankroll - Yes, I labelled this as a bad thing. But its also one quality I have to admit, that I admire in them. They are the only company of the three to literally put their balls on the wire in terms of dev, and say "well bugger it, its all or nothing". While companies like MS and esp Nintendo have minimised there development costs and technology as much as possible, Sony, coupled with IBM and Toshiba have tried to look to the future with developing their own technology and systems. Massive risk, who knows if it will pay off, but to me, utterly admirable.
2. Sony listened to people when they complained about the boomerang controller, they listened when ppl said they wanted perfect PS2 compatibility. They actually made many changes on the prototype in response to peoples worries, concerns and feedback. Again.. kudos, especially with so much at stake.
3. Third party support, and I will include MS in this since they have done an excellent job of improving third party support. This is where Aus developers live - in third party development houses. Sony and MS have done some great things in this industry to make their machines reach a broad developer spectrum. Nintendo has alot to learn here.
4. CPU - this is what interests me the most. Even if it wasnt in the PS3, and was in some other machine, Id probably get something with the Cell in it. Why? Well thats simply a personal technology curiosity I have with it, being such a non-standard CPU. And having tinkered with the IBM Cell SDK, Im pretty excited about its capabilities and properties - I know this seems irrelevant within respects to gaming, but I beleive it is important. This particular document was what intrigued me the most - a move back to realtime raytracing becoming a possibility: extremely interesting.
5. Bluray is an important feature. Whether you like Sony or not, you will have realised the massive jump in HDTV sales in the last 2 years. Try buying a brand new standard CRT TV now :) BluRay brings much more space on disk that DVD, and thus meaning you can have far higher quality movies, and much more richer game content. Now, all of you out there are thinking "Oh.. but X360 will have HD-DVD", this is irrelevant. That is an addon, thus its optional. With PS3, it will be within every console sold.. every single one will be able to play high definition movies by default. To put this in perspective, of all the PS2's sold in the first year in Japan, over 70 percent of buyers bought it for playing movies as its primary function. Couple that with the HDTV boom.. this is a pretty big piece of market.

Id like to read about peoples reasons for not buying a PS3, if they can put it into some tangible point. Even Souri's comment that there isnt any games he'd prefer to play on it, is a little moot. We all know games on the PS2, for instance, cover a massively wide audience of gameplayers - Im sure there will be something for everyone, to assume otherwise seems a little neglectful of the history of Sony's products.

There are also many other interesting facts I have collected about all three machines (the Wii, X360 and PS3) that interest me all to their designs. But without doubt the PS3 hold the most promise ... mainly because of the step its trying to make. Whether that step will occur.. is only a matter of months away before we find out.

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Personally I dont care much about the points you made above, my reasoning for buying a PS3 (whenever I have the money of course) is for the GAMES. Every generation sony have always released a steady stream of awesome first-party exclusive games that virtually make their consoles worth buying. And i'm not talking about the obvious MGS4, FF13, etc, I'm talking about new IPs.

Think of it this way, with the PS2 generation, Sony managed to release awesome new ips such as Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, God of war, Ratchet & clank, Jak & Daxter, Sly, and quite a few other series i cant think of right now. Thats totally new, AAA ips. So, its only logical to expect them to come up with even newer, awesome ips with the next generation, games that may have not even seen the light yet. Playing the new Zelda, Metroid, and Mario games are ok, but at some point you want to have something new, and Sony and MS are the ones pushing new IPs at the moment.

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Nice to see that some people aren't swayed by this argument of ?Sony have already lost and the PS3 is a lemon? rant. Which really seems to border on the delusional.

Grover makes some great points, and Skunx helps round this off and put it into the perspective of the 100m+ PS2 Sony consumer base, that have come to see Sony and the Playstation brand as a brand of quality gaming experiences, and new gaming experiences.

I do wonder why so many developers or hardcore gamers who wish to become developers, have come to resent Sony and the PS3 so much.

It is something that I have been suspicious of for a while now, and I think my gut-feelings on this might very well be correct ;).

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Well, personally I don't give a damn as to market leaders and I don't hate Sony, why should I? that's stupid, and I'm not that self absorbed or that obsessed about games. If Sony maintain the lead in the market after all then wooly for them, I'd be surprised if they did however. I'm just talking about spending double on something that does the same as any of the cheaper competition, I don't know, maybe I'm just not that big a gamer anymore, Heavenly Sword looks great but not that great.

Then again I drive a rotary so I cant really talk about ecconomical benefits of technology too much... screw it I will anyway

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If i had the money, id fork out for a PS3, but since i have to decide on how to use my limited funds, its going towards a Wii, because i think they are contributing (or at least are trying to) the most to the games industry.

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I always considered my self a sony girl, i had a ps1 and a ps2 (well the family did) so naturally i thought yea PS3 FTW ... then i saw the price >.< there no way i can convince my folks to get me one for christmas now.

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Sorry to say folks but the games on the Wii look utter rubbish. Metroid and Mario look like bad ports at best and although WarioWare is cool you're better off buying a DS and getting a whole heap of other cool games on that platform for the same price.
Essentially, from what I've seen and heard first hand, the Wii software available at launch doesn't look much better than the stuff that's currently available on the Cube.
Don't get me wrong, the casual sports games look cool and really make the most of the functionality of the groovy new controller, especially baseball, golf and tennis, but Metroid is so unintuitive it takes at least 45 minutes just to be able to get used to playing the game. That may not sound like long but it's plenty of time to get bored and walk away for most micro-attention span gamers these days.
For the record I'm not a Sony or Xbox fanboy but between what was shown of Wii at E3 and what we've seen in the last few days, my excitment has waned somewhat.
Prepare to be disappointed.

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No opinion, just links.

Nintendo Wii

Xbox 360


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[QUOTE=baboon] Sorry to say folks but the games on the Wii look utter rubbish. Metroid and Mario look like bad ports at best and although WarioWare is cool you're better off buying a DS and getting a whole heap of other cool games on that platform for the same price.
Essentially, from what I've seen and heard first hand, the Wii software available at launch doesn't look much better than the stuff that's currently available on the Cube.
Don't get me wrong, the casual sports games look cool and really make the most of the functionality of the groovy new controller, especially baseball, golf and tennis, but Metroid is so unintuitive it takes at least 45 minutes just to be able to get used to playing the game. That may not sound like long but it's plenty of time to get bored and walk away for most micro-attention span gamers these days.
For the record I'm not a Sony or Xbox fanboy but between what was shown of Wii at E3 and what we've seen in the last few days, my excitment has waned somewhat.
Prepare to be disappointed. [/QUOTE]

-the games look great to me, for the most part
-i already have a DSlite
-ive never played console FPS because its frustratingly hard to learn. 45mins to learn FPS on the wii sounds fantastic, and at least worth my time.

ive watched quite a few PS3 vids, and there are few that impress me. the rest, while looking pretty, just dont hold my interest. trust me, id love to own one, my apartment has a giant plasma, but id rather spend it on a wii. yes, im a fanboy, but i watch the industry, and i consider myself rational. if the PS3 had the control technology of the wii, id save up for a PS3. but nintendo have the kind of vision needed to pull it off, or at least give it its best shot.

ive grown to accept that some people (not implying that you do or dont) only see skin deep with games. and the wii has it fair share of shallow games, but shallow games played in a whole new way.

Nintendo deserves my money the most.

but i digress. once i get a salary under my belt, ill get them all. but my most immediate and desired purchase? Wii.PeterDavis2006-09-28 01:28:22

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Yeah I'm definitely getting curious as to how nintendo's going to go. With the emulation thing and all I think thats absolutely kick ass, and the wiimote specific games that are being released I think it will be a unique enough experience to pull people in initially.

But I've been getting pretty hands on with the Wiimote over the last week, I've got one here on my desk, and I have to say that porting a game's functionalities and actions from the 360 controller to this thing takes some serious thought. Handling it right now my fingers can only really access four buttons, and one of them is really not that intuitive. Obviously this means seriously thinking about what functionality you can adapt to the phyisical capabilities, and although it certainly can be done if you spend the time, I'm still not very convinced of the thing's precision even if you do.

Basically my point is, the Wiimote is going to be great for games that are made specifically for it, but it may be a lot of trouble for developers to port to (could be just me). Even Smash Bros is not even trying to use the controller and that's gotta be one of the more simplistic games out there. What I'm thinking, is whether developers when making for all platforms are just gonna take the easy way out and port it directly for the GC controller rather than the Wiimote, and I think that if they do, then with Wii's inferior hardware, its gonna lose out because obviously Players will go for the better delivery.

If Nintendo really pull off some kick ass Wiimote specific games then I reckon they'll be cool, but I've not really seen any which have blown me away yet.

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well you seem to have had some experience developing on the wii, or at least know people who are, whats your opinion on development? i like the idea thaat, despite the fact that developers needs to think a little outside the box, development costs will be lower for the wii.

we all complain about the lack of power in the wii, but it always has and always will be the software that make a system. but i think it will play out a lot like the DS. Maybe the figures wont line up quite as well (or badly), but the idea that it will take some time for developers to get comfortable with it will be fairly likely.

edit: damn you for having access to a wiimote. :PPeterDavis2006-10-03 00:21:08

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Oh simply pick up a regular TV remote and wave it at a screen, that's pretty much the extent of my experience of it, except we have a couple of really simplistic tech demos to go with it. Anyone who buys it at launch will probably know more than me in the first 15mins.

Yeah I really don't know what to try predict with this next gen thing to tell the truth. I used to think 360 was gonna take it out, then at launch I was really quite unimpressed and I thought Sony would hold their market. Then I look at Sony's rediculous price for hardware that frankly I dont think we'll ever see utilised, and I hear about the legal issues they're having and all that and it turns me right off.

Then in contrast I see the Wii which is going straight for the casual and indie gamers that the PS3 is leaving behind. I see the party potential of the games and feel nostalgic about like the whole year literally that my friends and I spent playing Goldeneye and Marikart 64, and I start thinking Nintendo's actually on to something here.

THEN I get my hands on the controller and start seeing a few limitations and start hearing a couple of development issues a few Wii launch titles are having. I realise that the Wii controller really isnt a casual game system at all due to the Player having to sit straight on to the tv and not being able to lay on the couch which is the tried and true. I then start thinking of buying a 360 for xmas and I look at the games comming out and I see Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Test Drive, Alan Wake, Gears of War, Bioshock, Dead Rising, Halo Wars..... thats like my entire gaming year plotted out for me already, and with the PS3 not comming out with much in comparison for me, I've swung back to the 360 again.

... I certainly know which one I'm getting first (ill eventually get all three) But who knows who'll take out the market. I think Sony's gotten a little ahead of themselves and placed a little too much in their name, but they have that name for a reason, the PS1 to date has to be probably the most defining console. But then I think they may be Sony, but Microsoft's Microsoft, and these guys right from the start have always said the xbox was the test, and the 360 will only have a shelf life of about 4 years (I may be wrong). I wouldnt be surprised if they've released an inferior system early at a loss, simply to bait Sony into revealing themselves, and in a few years they're gonna hammer them with the most impressive system of all, I mean tech wise the xbox kicked the sh*t outta the PS2, the only flaw it really had was the market, and that lead Sony has is being wittled away. Microsoft are smart cunning guys, they've planned the next 20 years, not just the next gen.

Who knows, and really you can't allow yourself to care too much since (I imagine) no one here will be recieving any of the profits from the next gen war anyway.

DanJackydablunt2006-10-03 19:24:49

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No, i wont be, but i want my purchase to be a worthwhile, sustainable product.

I too want to get all three eventually, just because i like games. but i doubt that will happen until im under a salary.

And about the Wiimote; development issues aside, ive read countless accounts of how well the wiimote does what its meant to do - when its done right. Id say its that initial hurdle for the development industry as a whole - once they are over, many more, polished titles will hit the Wii with full functionality of the Wiimote.