International Opportunities?

What's the gaming industy like overseas? is it a trade you can travel with? i was hoping to travel the UK and europe, do they have much of a graphics industry?

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awsome site, thanks!

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If you're under 28 you can apply for a Working Holiday Visa which will allow you to live and work in the UK for 2 years. You are able to work in your profession apparently.

You could always save up and go over to the UK and try your luck. Nothing to lose, even if you don't end up working in Graphic design you can still do normal jobs and travel!!

Canada is also another place which offers the working holiday visa, but I think it's a max of 1 year there.

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I went to the UK back in 1999.. and when I first rocked up I went into news agent looked through games industry mags, and grabbed addressed for bunches of different companys and applied.

at the time I had no 3d work and relied on my 2d instead... unsurprisingly I heard nothing, until six months later when I got a call from one company to come in for a interview...

Unfortunately I had to turn it down, because I had just accepted a position to go teach water skiing in Turkey on the mediterranean coast at a place called Bodrum for the summer..

Some people might think I was crazy turning it down, how I saw it was I'd have another chance to have a crack at the gaming industry.. but not another to go and drive ski boats, waterski, wakeboard everyday for a period of six months. [8)]

But yeah there a plenty of oppotunitys in the UK.. it's not particulary nice workin there over winter thou.. cold and dark...

just make sure you have a tip top portfolio and you should get a job straight away..
I had a mate here at uni who quit it last year because he had managed to get a job in the uk as a 3d modeller... all before even getting there... so there lots of options..

Hope that helps