GAME1 Melbourne roundup

Just wondering if anyone here visited GAME1 in Melbourne the weekend just gone? (except for Moon, I know you were there :) )

For anyone who missed out, check out this video for probably the best idea of what it was like to be there:

Have to say it was a very loud and entertaining event, much more of a publisher event rather then technical or developer based. Lots of half naked women and loud dance music :)

Hands on with the Wii though was a highlight, as was meeting and talking to the people at the AIE booth and Ambit booth (the later who were showing off Bioshock ... looks fantastic).

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Hey, that was cool video You should have made some commentary while you were doing it though! The expo looked pretty active with lots of stuff to look at.

I also saw the video with Moonunit interviewing you as well

Seriously, AustralianGamer should do more videocasts or whatever hip term they call that stuff now. You can't do any worse than that GameLife show!

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Well, we are going to be doing most of the MC work on stage at eGames, and will be doing alot of 'roving camera' work as well. I think we'll see how good me and matt do on camera first, then see how we go from there.

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Totally missed this post on account of losing my new fnalged password i cant change and not being bothered to dig it up for a while. Glad to hear you liked the interview! That sorta weirds me out because the stuff we do at TWS is still relatively low key (were prepping for a big launch of sorts later) and when people meet me at EGE and tell me they enjoyed our content or something is kinda weird. But cool ofcourse.

And as much as were trying to put our stake in the video cast market as it were at TWS, you guys from AG work so well together i imagine youd probably nail it :P