embryology - The branch of biology that deals with the formation, early growth, and development of living organisms

went and bought a big new sketchbook that i plan on filling with lots of this junk.
heres the first sketch.




hope you dig these..
critic welcome or whatever..


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*laughs* Love the yoyo @:-D Some really great stuff going on here. I'd want to read indepth about these characters, so you've definitely got me fascinated.

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thanks for having a look. i'l try and pick up the pace with the updates. i'm working on putting together a big sketchbook this year, with some art tips and stuff in it, its just a spare time thing.


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looking great alti. Ive seen some awesome work done where people regarded the sketchbook itself like a work of art in its entierity. I think the term for these is supposed to be visual diaries or some such, in any case im about to start keeping one myself for uni

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really digging your recent pencils -- seems you're working up gradually just in tones after a loose sketch nowadays? Either way, it's working for you - you're getting quite a bit of control and incidental detail from the forms you're pushing in there, especially on walk the dog, and mr. back scratch.

I'd love to see what you could do with a fine tip eraser pen to put some tight highlights in there, or whatever those cardboard pencil things are called (the name escapes me) that you use to smudge but with clean edging.

keep it up! [:)]

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ah an update, sorry for the slowness work is crazy.

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dark god of dice concept - random realy - what you think ?


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the colour is brilliant! it adds so much to the overall image, the overall use of light around that area was well structured (the silouhetted border like shapes, the light shafts etc, it looks great). The creature could have used a tad more definition but then again that seems to be your style. It just depends what kind of purpose you intend to direct this towards (ie its ok if this is just supposed to be a fine art kind of thing)

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work is crazy right now.

thoughts and critic very welcome.

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some more work from dead city comic.

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thoughts and critiques:

colour = sexy

it's great to see you working in a wider and more vivid range of contrast - would love to see more of the brush work that you where doing a while ago though (kinda sparth-ish). I think you could really develop your style further with your own brush work.

keep it coming!

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i'd love to do a texture for somebody if they have a texture sheet i can work on, i'd just like to see how i go with it.
i got a whole bunch of gnomon dvds on texture painting and it looks preety far out.

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... I love. They look fantastic. They sort of remind me of this film called Mirror Mask. Have you seen it?... Sort of remind me. Well that's the first thing I thought, but anyway. If you haven't seen it, then you should. BUT I really, really like your stuff. So obscure and [I quote J.I Styles] the colour is sexy.
Please sir, I want some more.

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i just got painter 9 so this is the first thing i've done, great program, i'l devote my efforts into getting alot more proficiant.

i feel like i'm at the bottom of a very big hill. but its all upwards from here. :)

thoughts very welcome.


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this is the second one i just finished.

thanks for looking.


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Awesome work man, I like them a lot. Keep it up please.

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These are great. Nice colours.

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still getting my head around painter 9
thanks for looking, i'l put any more robots up here when they are done.



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love your work! they're great!!!

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well someone's having fun ;)
good job man!

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painter is definately your friend... compliments your style beautifully. keep it up mate.

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thanks for looking, critics welcome.



dam straight its all fun

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painter 9 - about a half hour.
any thougths or critics are welcome.

abit of a work in progress, any suggestions along the way will help alot.