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What are you playing at the moment? Me?

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3
Super Smash TV
Sonic the Hedgehog

MGS2 (again)
Grim Fandango (best graphic adventure ever)

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got stuck in my 'pools of darkness' game (tsr/interplay old rpg) so haven't played anygames for about 2 months. am looking for a copy of 'war inc' however... feel like playing that.

ahhh, win2000, good at keeping me from playing games, now have more bargin bin games that don't work for it that games that do.

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Super Mario World (Emulator)

Erm, that's about it, although I play the usual stuff at lan's.

Counter Strike,

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Just Finished SOFII, Average at best. Hope to get back into Morrowind as soon as I find the missing cd1 which is required to play it

Lead paint: delicious but deadly!

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I gotta say, I don't play as much games anymore, apart from the occasional Starcraft and Counterstrike in Internet Cafe's with my friends. Been a bit busy with things.. I'm dying to try out Battlefield 1942 and a tonne of other games though. I'm thinking of hiring some Playstation 2 games over weekends sometime.. I am desperate to play (and finish) Silent Hill 2 before it ages too much. [:)]

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Picked up House of the Dead 2 and a lightgun for DC the other day. Sif that ain't mad fun. Also grabbed BleemCast! for Metal Gear Solid, seeing as my PSX's currently dead. Was gonna grab Tony Hawk 2 aswell, but thought rent might be better paid for. @;-)

Still gotta finish War3 too... haven't had an online game for awhile either.

Chris Bowden