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Based in Auckland New Zealand, Media Design School offers undergraduate and graduate games qualifications.

Graduate Diploma of Game Development - with specialisation options in Game Programming or Game Art.

Game Development involves two clearly defined and segmented skills sets. Game content design requires expert creative talent and artistic ability, while the programming of each individual game requires technical innovation, high-level analytical ability and mathematical skills.

It is for these reasons Media Design School’s Graduate Diploma in Game Development (64-weeks) provides two areas of specialisation to maximize the learning outcomes in this intensive, specialist course.

Graduates from this course have gone on to win international awards including the Middleware catagory at the 2006 IGF Student Showcase.

Diploma of Interactive Gaming

This 32-week diploma is designed for students who want to pursue game programming study at an undergraduate level, and feeds to the programming stream of Media Design School's Graduate Diploma of Game Development.

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