Local Indy Project Seeking Interested Parties


CynicalFan is making a call for interested parties to get onboard an indy project of his. A paragraph description of the project as posted from the forum:

"A 2D side-on action platformer, borrowing mechanics from several comparative titles - one of which would be a title called Blackthorne by Blizzard - set in an original Comic book universe with strong appeal to the adult gaming market with its dark satirical humour based around a reluctant (and delusional) hero. Examples of similar comic book universes would be: "The Maxx" - more so the MTV series - and ?Johnny the Homicidal Maniac." For an example of a comparative indie title - in some ways not all - then try: Alien Hominid. The title will be distributed and marketed via the internet, utilizing a shareware model, in that the first issue is for free but the following issues must be paid for. There will be something like 9-12 issues total with each issue around $5 - USD."

You can find more details and discussion at the following link. Be sure to give CynicalFan the word if you're interested in taking part!