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Believe it or not, we still have a developer's listing here on tsumea! I'm planning to spruce it up to make it a bit more user friendly, but the latest addition to the list is a casual indie developer from Melbourne called KlickTock. Who are they? Well, here's some KlickTock info from their 'about' page...

KlickTock was formed in 2009 by Matthew Hall. Matthew is an experienced game developer who’s been dreaming about games since… forever. He started programming at the age of seven and he has previously been employed at Australian developers Tantalus Interactive and Big Ant Studios. His varied career includes positions as Programmer, Designer, Associate Producer, Producer and even as a Chief Technical Officer.

However (and don’t tell anyone) he’s always wanted to be an Artist…

He has published titles on Xbox, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Playstation Portable, N-Gage and Mobile Phones.

Matthew's just one of those many folk I've noticed who've been in established game dev companies for years before making the move into the indie / casual arena. His latest game is "Little Things" which looks like a neat little find-an-object 'Where's Wally' kind of game. It looks like a well presented and fun little number, so if you have a few bucks free, why not give it look. There's a demo available as well so you can try it out before-hand.

Here's Matthew chatting to Indiegamepod.com at Casual Connect about Little Things, keeping motivation as a lone developer, moving away from core games to casual games development, and more...