KlickTock releases Super Search 60

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KlickTock have just released their latest game for the iPhone/iPod touch, called Super Search 60! Super Search 60 is the follow up to their previous hidden object finding game, Little Things, and promises to be a much more frantic affair with a 60 second timer for each level. It also features Facebook integration and interesting in-game multiplyer managing mechanics.

As you know, KlickTock is helmed by Matthew Hall, a game developer previously from Tantalus and Big Ant Studios, and now making games on a sheep farm in rural Victoria! A free version of the game is available so you have no excuse to not check it out!

(Press release)

EDENHOPE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA - 5th February, 2010 - KlickTock today announced the release of their debut title for iPhone/iPod touch. "Super Search 60™" is a frantic hidden object game offering hours of fun, 60 seconds at a time. Integration with Facebook allows players to compete against their friends.

"With Super Search 60 the goal was to create a simple yet compelling social title for a revolutionary gaming platform, the iPhone.", said Matthew Hall, Director.

Super Search 60 is available for free, allowing players to play online for 20 minutes each week.

"We want to ensure the game finds its way to as many people as possible. Pricing the game for free is the best way to achieve this. Players who enjoy the game can then opt-in to the unlimited version for a small one-off payment.", said Matthew.

The key to the game is its simplicity. Players have 60 seconds to find as many objects as they can. Quickly finding groups of objects awards the player with a multiplier. Bragging rights are offered in the form of trophies for reaching score milestones, which can then be posted to Facebook.

Simple to pick up and play, tough to master, absolutely unique and thoroughly addictive! Try to stop at just one game!

Additional information, including the game trailer, can be found at the Facebook page for Super Search 60: http://apps.facebook.com/supersearchsixty

Super Search 60 can be downloaded for free directly from the Apple App Store at: http://itunes.apple.com/app/super-search-60/id348840963?mt=8