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Wymac Gaming Solutions are looking for a full-time, in-house 2D Artist/Animator with the passion and skill to create and develop 2D assets for a variety of Video Game and Gaming products.
Wymac Gaming Solutions employs over 40 staff and...

PatchKolan's picture PatchKolan

Buy Somewhere is a Sydney-based games and technology studio working on its first mobile title, a genre-defining location-based game. To support this game, we're building best-in-class world generation systems.
To achieve these massive goals...

modegames's picture modegames

Mode Games is seeking a Junior Game Programmer to develop games for mobile and desktop platforms. The programmer must have experience developing games with the engine Unity 3D, to produce fun and high quality 3D and 2D games.


modegames's picture modegames

Mode Games is seeking a 2D Artist to produce art based on concept drawings. The artist must be able to draw characters and environments to suit the technical requirements of creating art assets for in game and production ready. The Artist must be...

Lamplight Forest's picture Lamplight Forest

Lamplight Forest is seeking a work-for-hire character animator for our musical adventure game Pallas of Vines.

• a strong portfolio / showreel is essential
• rigging skills/experience also essential

Send resume and showreel to...

Victoria University Australia's picture Victoria Univer...

We are looking for a talented 2D artist for a mobile app who is passionate about games, has a strong ability in illustration and animation, and works comfortably in an open team environment.

This position is a short term contract and...

Lamplight Forest's picture Lamplight Forest

Lamplight Forest is seeking a work-for-hire UI Artist for a PC and console project Pallas of Vines, a musical adventure game.

The role involves creating standard gaming UI elements (buttons, UI windows, menus, maps, etc) in a science-...


• Attractive salary offers / long-term position
• Merit based quick promotion possibilities
• Rapidly growing company
• Award-winning team and projects

What’s this about:
Award-winning serious games company...

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    Australian Game Developers – we need your help. IGEA and the GDAA need to get an updated picture on the size of the Australian game development industry for our lobbying and advocacy work at both a State and Federal level. We ask that you complete this survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/R6GKBJ6 by 6 September 2016. Rest assured, individual...

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    As lowly captain on a dead-end planet, you must build a ship, complete a mission and wave it goodbye when your crew defect to the other side. Then design a new ship to hunt down those mutinous traitors in an endless cycle of punishment and revenge. Don't make that new design too good though, because odds are you'll be fighting it pretty soon....

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    Light of Life We are working on our new game that will take place somewhere in the space ...Story of the game The Universe... Once everything was clean and empty. Then something special happened in a supernova. Strange seeds of life appeared in the space, and a tiny bit of light, a special spark, to bring life to the universe. The seeds have found...

  • Working With External Teams: Why Trust Must Come First

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    Every week we talk to people about new projects and after a few introductory meetings there is usually a full project briefing. I noticed that some of those briefings go a lot smoother than others, and I started wondering why. It seems to me, that the main difference is the level of trust between the parties. If all parties enter with a clear...