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Wargaming Sydney is seeking a Senior Software Engineer to join our studio. We are looking for experienced engineers who have an ability to work in a fast moving environment and adapt to working with different technology stacks as required....

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The TAFE NSW Digital Lab is looking for another team member - Senior Designer in Immersive Computing - based in Armidale NSW.

If you have hands on AR/VR production experience and want to join a dynamic team with the latest equipment and...

LeagueofGeeks's picture LeagueofGeeks

At League of Geeks, we passionately devote ourselves to forging compelling and enduring experiences for our games. With some of the best concept artists amongst our ranks, we're now on the hunt for an exceptional 3D generalist to join our team....

LeagueofGeeks's picture LeagueofGeeks

At League of Geeks we’re known for the incredible high level of quality found in everything we touch, at the forefront of that principle are our internal quality assurance processes. As a central part of that, you will be working alongside the...

Playcorp's picture Playcorp

Playcorp Studios is searching for an enthusiastic and talented 2D artist with a passion for games, to work onsite at our office space located in Melbourne's city centre.

In this role you’ll be expected to concept a range of assets from...


Discovery, exploration and player driven world building. These elements, along with a good pinch of experimentation, guide our expert team to craft fresh takes on the hero’s journey. We want to find a Senior Animator who can breathe life to this...

KeiranB's picture KeiranB

SAE Melbourne is seeking an experienced educational leader for the role of Department Coordinator for our Games department.

If you have a talent for academic leadership, a passion and experience in games design and development, are results...

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment's picture The Academy of ...

Game Programming Teacher – AIE Sydney

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE), the leading educator in game development, 3D animation and VFX, is looking for an experienced game programmer to deliver Advanced Diploma of Professional...

Upcoming Events

Play by Play 2019

26/4/19 to 27/4/19

Play by Play is a New Zealand games conference with a difference, run mid-April each year in the beating cultural heart of the country – Wellington. Since our inception in 2016, we’ve grown exponentially, proving that there’s a vibrant community of gamers, enthusiasts and curious folk in the...

Freeplay 2019 - INTROSPECTION

7/5/19 to 12/5/19

First established in 2004, Freeplay embraces the fringes, spotlights grassroots makers, and acts as a response to and critique of the status quo. We invite artists, designers, coders, writers, players, makers, critics, academics, and students for a celebration of the artistry of independent...

PAX AUS 2019

11/10/19 to 13/10/19

Latest Journals

  • Australian Video Game Development Survey

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    Australian Game Developers – we need your help. IGEA and the GDAA need to get an updated picture on the size of the Australian game development industry for our lobbying and advocacy work at both a State and Federal level. We ask that you complete this survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/R6GKBJ6 by 6 September 2016. Rest assured, individual...

  • A New Year, A New Look!

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    Check out our new website at bunbun.com.au!

  • Defect Early Access!

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    As lowly captain on a dead-end planet, you must build a ship, complete a mission and wave it goodbye when your crew defect to the other side. Then design a new ship to hunt down those mutinous traitors in an endless cycle of punishment and revenge. Don't make that new design too good though, because odds are you'll be fighting it pretty soon....

New Members

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  • Pocket Apps is an Australian software development company that specializes in mobile application development and website development. We are based in Brisbane, Australia. Pocket Apps also assists early-stage companies throughout their startup lifecycle. This includes marketing strategy and...

  • 3d Artist/Game Developer seeking a position in which my creative skills and programming knowledge can be used as an asset to the company. Experienced in all aspects of 3d Animation, Game Development and Video Projection Mapping. I have been responsible for projects at all stages from...

  • I'm a computer programmer with about 30 years experience, currently transitioning into the games industry. I'm learning Unity 3D, working on my own game ideas, and will soon commence a Diploma in game programming.

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    We are Mayday.

    We’ve banded together from many corners of the globe to build a legacy of unique game experiences.

    We are here to redefine genres, subvert expectations and create empathetic stories. We are calling out to fellow time-travelers and inventors, astronauts and...

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    Jarrah Holt is a game designer at Sweaty Chair Studios.

    He has worked on award-winning mobile hits such as 3DTD: Chicka Invasion and No Humanity.

    When he isn’t glued to his computer designing mechanics or game systems, he can be found in the mosh pit at a punk-rock concert, or out...

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    15+ Years Audio Experience
    Brisbane Based
    Professional Quality
    AAA - All Genres All Requirements

    Collab EDM: https://soundcloud.com/chaos-engine

  • I am the HR Manager - Australia for Playtech and support the Australian Studios.

  • I'm a games developer from Sydney, Australia. :)

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    I am Taylor, a gaming enthusiast, Graphic Designer, 3D Graphics Designer and Motion Designer. I have spent my time recently working in volunteer jobs, looking for full time work and working in retail. I have had a taste at a little broadcasting work for twitch which was pretty fun. I usually...