Crystal Dynamics are Hiring


Souri: Crystal Dynamics, a studio in Northern California, is on the scout for local talent. They've sent the details of these job positions to Sumea, and if you're interested in finding out more as well as their contact details, follow the link at the end. They have openings for:

Level Designer
Marketing Illustrator
Senior Onine / Network Programmer
Senior Environment Artist
Systems Designer
Senior Technical Artist

Crystal Dynamics has consistently pursued excellence in third-person action adventures, earning critical acclaim for setting new standards in visuals, game design, animation, storytelling, soundscape and character development utilizing internally developed state-of-the-art technology and tools. Successful games developed at Crystal include: the recently released Tomb Raider Anniversary (, Tomb Raider: Legend, the Legacy of Kain series, Project: Snowblind, Whiplash, Mad Dash Racing and the GEX series.