Senior Server Programmer wanted


Senior Server Programmer

Dreamgate Studios is looking to hire a person responsible for the software backend for a new massively multiplayer mobile game we are developing.

Dreamgate Studios is in the unique position of being a small independent developer as well as having secure financial backing. Enjoy the experience of developing games in small team where your ideas count and your contribution truly matters -- as well as job security. We are based in Canberra, Australia.


Your primary responsibility would be the deployment of the server software backend for a multiplayer mobile game with potentially hundreds of thousands or millions of users. This would involve picking the appropriate middleware solution in consultation with the game client and design teams and modifying or extending it to meet our needs.

Other responsibilities would include:

  • the creation of server management tools
  • the creation of GM (Game Master) tools
  • server gameplay programming
  • leading the server team and mentoring junior programmers

We work in a highly collaborative indie environment with people who are passionate about what they do and are willing to help out with jobs outside their primary responsibilities. Our ideal candidate would share these qualities. We are looking for a smart programmer who enjoys challenges and fixes problems as they come up.


  • Several years proven commercial C/C++ or Java experience
  • Previous experience in server deployment, server security, and management
  • Experience with Linux/Unix systems administration and network management
  • Great problem solving skills
  • Strong project management skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills


  • Bachelors degree or equivalent in Computer Science or related fields
  • Distributed systems experience
  • Database and advanced SQL programming skills
  • MMO engine development experience
  • Unity 3D experience

Please contact us at or via our Seek ad Senior Server Programmer. International relocations are possible for outstanding applicants.