Graphics Software Specialist

Job Position: 

Bring your imagination and graphics programming talent to life in the world's largest CAVE2TM visualisation facility at Monash University, Clayton campus.

CAVE2 is an ultra-high resolution, 2-d and 3-d, highly immersive, head-tracked virtual reality environment, with application across the entire portfolio of Monash's research and industry engagement. CAVE2 is operated by the Monash Immersive Visualisaton Platform (MIVP), where we use application frameworks that scale from the desktop, through head-mounted VR systems such as Oculus Rift, to ultra-scale displays like the CAVE2. MIVP exists to enable and support accelerated computing and advanced visualisation at Monash, and to help transform research practice in the Big Data era.

MIVP is seeking a graphics programmer to join our team of visualisation specialists. Your role will be to identify and install existing software packages, and to develop bespoke application programs where necessary, so as to support ambitious and innovative research, outreach and industrial engagement projects making use of the CAVE2 or other MIVP systems (e.g. 3D-ALIVE). You will have the opportunity to work with some of Australia's foremost researchers across fields as diverse as neuroscience, engineering, electron microscopy, medicine, life science, heritage preservation, visual arts, and visual analytics. As well as having the chance to realise novel ideas in data visualisation and processing with your programming prowess, you will play a key role in showcasing MIVP and its facilities to visitors, potential users, and potential research partners to Monash, and you will play a major role in maintaining a high level of availability of MIVP and CAVE2 computer systems.

If you have a Bachelor's degree in an IT-related field (including Engineering or Science) or equivalent qualifications or industry/research experience, together with programming skills in C/C++, Python, JavaScript and/or Unity, we welcome your application.

We are especially keen to receive applications from graphics programmers having experience in the entertainment and/or gaming industry, especially those with Unity experience.

This role is a full-time position; however, flexible working arrangements may be negotiated.