3D VR Property Development project


Hi, we are an agency based in Auckland, New Zealand and are submitting a proposal to a real estate agent to build a 3D virtual reality walkaround for a proposed 32 apartment block viewable through either Oculus or mobile headset, Google Cardboard and web browser.

We are currently sourcing quotes from virtual reality developers who are interested in the project on a fixed fee basis. Please get in touch if you are interested and have experience with developing VR web apps or Apple and Android apps for Oculus, Google Cardboard and web.

The brief:
We'd like to incorporate 3D renders of the apartments inside and out with 360° drone images of the surrounding area, so viewers can see the view from four apartments, facing north/south/east/west at an elevation of around four stories high.

• To start the experience, we would like the viewer to have a 360° walkaround of the exterior of the apartment block from ground level.
• Hotspots on the top four apartments allow the viewer to transport to the interior and then go from room-to-room. This could be done using hotspots, as long as the viewer can move a few meters in each direction in each room, we won't need to see the walk through from room to room.
• We won't be showing the interior view from all 32 apartments, but just the top four facing north/south/east/west.

At the moment the design and plans are changing as the development is still in the finance application phase so we don't know the final layout of the development or start date. However we have a reliable guess that they will be no more than four stories high. So we would like the drone image VR experience to be from this elevation.

We would like this to be accessible via a web app rather than Apple or Android if possible, to save on app approval time. We assume this would mean it is only accessible via high quality mobile headsets, on desktop web browser and via Google Cardboard, rather than an Oculus type headset. But are open to your advice on this.

The 3D renders from CAD files will be supplied, we will liaise closely with both you and the 3D image supplier.

Please contact Chris below for more information if you would like to submit a quote. Thank you.