Senior Artist position at Dreamgate Studios

Job Position: 

This section is broken down into Essential and Desirable skills and experience categories. The Essential section will be used for determining whether a given candidate will proceed to interview in ordinary circumstances (Time allowing and a reasonable number of candidates). The Desirable Skills & Experience section will be used as differentiators when assessing the relative suitability of candidates.

Essential Technical Skills & Experience

  • Proven experience with 3ds Max
  • Proven experience with Photoshop
  • Proven ability to deliver widely varied styles of both 2D and 3D assets to spec
  • 1 Shipped commercial title
  • 2+ years industry experience

Desirable Technical Skills & Experience

  • Unity development experience
  • Proven animation skills
  • Proven concepting and sketching skills
  • Proven graphic design skills
  • iOS development experience
  • BigWorld Technology experience
  • Ability to switch between Character / Environment / Object assets as required
  • Ability to create consistent art styles across entire product
  • Ability to work to pre-existing art styles when required
  • Commonweatlh of Australia security clearance
  • Agile (Scrum) development experience
  • Max Scripting experience
  • User interface design experience

Desirable Social & Personal Skills & Experience

  • Proven experience in cross functional team
  • Outspoken, passionate and opinionated on games related issues
  • Ability to accept and act upon criticism in a positive manner
  • Life experience outside of the game development industry
  • Proven ability to self direct
  • Proven ability to learn and adapt to new technologies, methods and processes
  • Proven ability to multi-task

Job Description
Working to the Head of Studios and the Lead Artist you will be responsible for providing a wide range of technical and creative art and animation solutions across a diverse set of projects and platforms, switching between tasks and projects as necessary.

As a key member of a small development team you will be expected to be involved in most discussions relating to the projects you have been assigned to including but not limited to: concepts, target demographics, game design, marketing, art design, narrative design, audio design, planning and scheduling, product testing and release management. As such it is vital that you are a keen gamer with a wide knowledge or games, technology and entertainment products across all platforms and medium. It expected as a senior that you will assist with and for some projects be solely responsible for the artistic direction and technical art solution. This includes selection of appropriate tools, methods and processes.

It is expected that you will provide support and mentoring to junior staff from all disciplines on an informal basis as well as taking part in a more structured program for junior artists.

On occasion you may be required to represent the company at client meetings, industry events and educational forums, as such it is expected that a suitable professional manner is maintained.

Performance Criteria
During probationary, annual and if necessary disciplinary reviews the following criteria will be assessed:

  • Technical Art Knowledge - Collated knowledge of techniques, processes and methods and your ability to apply to them to a particular problem space.
  • Technical Competence - Your ability to deliver optimised assets to specification
  • Planning and Delivery - Your ability to estimate, plan and deliver and the accuracy of those estimates and plans.
  • Teamwork & Participation - Your level of involvement with the team, the company and any external clients.
  • Creative thinking - Your ability to produce and communicate new, innovative and original ideas and concepts.

If you think you fit the bill please send your CV, any demos, or demo reels along with a covering email to