Community Manager (6 month contract) opening at The Firemonkeys

Job Position: 

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Role Overview
The Community Manager will work to create and foster new game communities and grow existing ones. The Community Manager will be the voice of the studio within these game communities, and the voice of the player within the studio. Outstanding candidates will possess an understanding of how analytics go hand in hand with community sentiment and business needs, and how to balance them. This role is highly integrated and requires someone who can not only think strategically, but can also play a major role in seeing said strategy though to fruition.

A Community Manager should have previous management experience (including game production or live game management), an intimate understanding of social networks and the web, and outstanding communication skills. He/she should have exceptional understanding of the wants, needs, and overall mentality of online gaming communities. The ultimate goal of each Community Manager should be to build user loyalty to the games, Firemonkeys, and EA, and to constantly expand the community.


  • Coordinate with community team members at game studio. Act as the voice of the community
  • Participate in pre-launch strategic community planning
  • Define in-game and web community strategy
  • Define voice and culture of community
  • Create plans for new community building tools for the website and game
  • Develop community events and activities
  • Manage day-to-day community operations with the studio community team
  • Scheduling of all community activity related to the game
  • Update editorial in the live environment
  • Execute events and activities
  • Participate and engage with audience in fan pages, forums, message boards, e-mail, chat, etc.
  • Interface with Marketing, Product Management, PR, Customer Support and Game Development
  • Ensure EA & Firemonkeys Community standards, policies and processes are being followed
  • Coordinate with other game-specific Community Managers to ensure best in class service-level community is coordinated
  • Deliver regular “State of the Community” report to management
  • Track game metrics and customer input
  • Advise the Live Operations Team and management
  • Grow the social channels, web and in-game community. Retain current customers.

Additional Qualifications

  • Bachelor Degree in Communication, Marketing, or Computer Science highly regarded
  • Enthusiasm and intimate understanding of video games and/or online entertainment
  • Must have a strong understanding of today’s modern Social Media platforms and their best practices
  • Experience with creating and maintaining Facebook pages, Twitter pages, YouTube Channels, Forums, Internet boards and/or chat rooms
  • An aggressive, self-motivated, detail-oriented team player and quality driven
  • Finely honed people skills to manage both up and down the chain of command
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Has strong problem solving skills. Must be able to keep focus on multiple tasks and effectively set priorities among projects
  • Ability to objectively interpret customer/community feedback and make actionable recommendations
  • Has a working knowledge of online community and “live team” operations
  • Possesses a working knowledge of the products that comprise market leadership in online entertainment

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