3D Artist for new Melbourne studio (6 month contract)

Job Position: 

Senior 3D Artist

We are looking for 3D Artist to work on a 6 Month contract on an exciting, unannounced project with a team based in South Melbourne. You will be working with our Art Director (a 2D Illustrator) to help define and implement the aesthetic for a project within the Unreal Engine, develop high quality production assets, and assist in experimenting with and establishing animation pipelines. This is for a scope-limited demo project (not a shippable title), and the role will be tailored to the candidate where possible. We do not expect applicants to have every skillset, but we are looking for a generalist who is able to work across as many parts of the pipeline as possible as we define and create our demo.

Local applicants would be preferred, as we intend to work in-house at our Melbourne office, but we are willing to accept a remote-work agreement should the candidate be within a compatible timezone, and a good fit for the role.

The successful candidate will:
Be technically inclined, interested in cutting-edge graphics and creative problem solving
Have excellent communication, time management, and organisational skills
Take the initiative to help create the best product possible in a limited time-frame

You will be responsible for:
Working alongside our Art Director to establish a high-fidelity 3D aesthetic for an innovative new title
Working in the Unreal Engine to bring our visual aesthetic to production
Working with our Art Director to establish and document art pipelines
Environment asset pipeline and in-editor scene construction
3D Humanoid Character production pipeline including full body and facial rig
Performance capture and cleanup pipeline

You will need:
At least one shipped title on any platform (or equivalent experience)
Expertise refining and establishing eye-catching 3D aesthetics
Knowledge of 3D production pipeline from conception and modelling to rigging and animation
Experience in environmental and character modelling to build production assets, as well as solid texturing experience
Experience with animation pipelines, rigging and animation skills

Preferred additional skillsets:
Multiple years experience working with the Unreal Engine and bringing assets in-engine strongly preferred
Experience in cinema, film or VFX is preferred, but not required
Experience with mocap, cleanup and rigging for full body and facial mocap preferred, but not required
Experience with lighting design and in-engine pre-computed lighting techniques preferred, but not required
Experience with shaders preferred, but not required

If you meet most of these criteria, we encourage you to apply. We are particularly welcoming of diverse applicants, but are interested in anyone and everyone who feels they would be a valuable addition to our team!

To apply, email liam.esler@gmail.com with your resume, a brief cover letter, your portfolio and a picture of your favourite cat(s). If you are NOT an Australian or New Zealand citizen, please note this and tell us where you would be working from. Please note that we cannot support visa applications to move to Australia. All applications will be received in the strictest confidence.