Software & Web developer


Are you a creative software and web developer? Do you enjoy making stuff? Interested in working for an award-winning EdTech company that is transforming the way K-8 students learn with 3D printing?

Makers Empire is expanding so we’re looking for a versatile and proactive software developer to join our small but expert team headquartered in Adelaide. This is a fantastic opportunity for a motivated and versatile developer to help build an innovative global company.


General Responsibilities

Our main site – the first point of contact most people have with our company;
The teacher’s dashboard site – one of the core components of our main product, a 3D printing learning program for schools;
Our backend server systems that keep everything running smoothly; and
More depending on your skills and interests!

Full time.
Based in the Adelaide office at St Paul’s Creative Centre, Pulteney Street.
Flexible hours possible.
Competitive salary.


Level of Experience

We’re keen to find the right person to join our team so we are open to applications from new graduates, seasoned developers, and everyone in between.


You’ll have a head start if you know all or some of:

Ruby on Rails
Linux / Ubuntu
Unity 3D

You’ll fit in great with our team if you:

Are passionate about making great websites and software;
Like to do things that haven’t been done before;
Have an inquiring mind;
Are proactive and self-motivated;
Take pride in your work;
Can work independently;
Enjoy working with others;
Have a positive attitude;
Pay attention to detail;
Are reliable; and
Are hard working.


Company Profile

Makers Empire has created the world’s easiest to use 3D printing software and Learning Program for K-8 schools. It is the first of its kind, providing K-8 educators with everything they need to introduce 3D printing into their schools.

The Makers Empire 3D Printing Learning Program comprises:

The world’s easiest to use 3D design software
Teachers’ dashboard – teachers can easily manage students’ work and access curriculum aligned lesson plans; and
Professional development – training for successful implementation
Makers Empire currently serves hundreds of K-8 schools and almost 60,000 students in Australia, the United States and Asia.

A new 3D design is made with our innovative, free 3D software every single minute: there are currently 350,000+ 3D designs created by users in the software gallery.

At Makers Empire, we help teachers achieve genuine learning outcomes with curriculum aligned lessons plans, comprehensive training, professional development and support. We help students understand important STEM concepts and develop their problem solving and design thinking skills in a fun and engaging way.

At Makes Empire, we are changing the way K-8 students create and learn with 3D printing. Join our team today!


Send your CV and a 1-page cover letter ASAP to

A link to a portfolio of personal projects is not essential but will help to provide us with a good insight into your interests and capabilities.

Applications close 5pm 16 December, 2016. Please note that this position needs to be filled ASAP so we’ll be interviewing shortlisted applicants as we go.