Boutique Poker Site Design

Job Position: 

Hi, We've launched a small, boutique poker site and are now looking to get the design done

We're a team of 4 guys who are building a few businesses in the cryptocurrency space. Based in Perth, we've built a poker site that was originally intended for our friends and family, but has grown to be able to service the wider crypto community. You would be working directly with me, and I've previously branded a couple of businesses, but not an actual game.

Experienced in Game Design, ideally with similar design ethos to poker / casino styleGreat at communicating with us (Alan & Wal, the programmer) 

The Gig
Ethos: Our poker site was originally built for fun amongst friends and family, and continues to be just that. But we've realised that sites like ours are in short supply; able to accept cryptocurrencies, and designed differently to the big, dominant poker sites. Instead of being deliberately addictive and designed to get players to spend long hours at the table, we designed our site for people to bring their friends and play online. Instead of keeping players' money for as long as possible and having opaque fee structures, our site has minimal, transparent fees and instant transactions.     
Design: In the words of the programmer, we just need to 'de-blurgh' it so it is credible and has a fighting chance at proving itself viable. We don't expect to look as slick as the big players but would like to be credible and as stylish as possible. 

Let me know your thoughts about collaborating... Cheers, Alan