Remote - Versatile Games Programmer Needed

Job Position: 

We are looking for a programmer to program a number of small projects in a part time position. This will be an ongoing position as we will give you work as we receive the projects. The pay is on a project to project basis and you are free to work on other projects as long as our deadlines are met. The amount of payment will vary depending on the project and it will be a flat amount opposed to an hourly rate.

The Applicant must have flexible working hours and be able to begin a project at a moments notice as the amount of work will vary and deadlines may be short, ranging from a few days to a month. The applicant must also be able to work with a number of programming languages ranging from C++ to Java, the more language the applicant knows the more likely they will be chosen. Likewise with platforms, the majority of projects will be across Android and IOS but sometimes we receive projects for PC.

This is a remote position so you must be able to work from home and have your own equipment and software.

If you are interested in the position or have any questions email us at or contact us through our website

Other Requirements:

  • Lives in Australia (Optional)
  • 2+ years experience
  • Knowledge in Unity