VR Rendering Developer

Job Position: 

• Engine level code work including both platform and rendering level code
• GPU Level code work, specifically around performance tweaking
• Improving and implementing clean interfaces and architectures that fit multiple devices
• Managing a large codebase that touches many platforms without breaking them
• Testing oriented design and careful programming of large scale systems
• Interacting with Art and Construction Engineering teams to make usable tools and interfaces
• Open minded forward thinking, keeping up to date on current techniques, research, graphics data, hardware and extended reality technologies.

• 5+ years professional coding experience
• Exceptional C / C++ skills and the ability to code and architect various core engine systems
• Passionate about virtual and augmented reality
• Thorough knowledge and proficient application of 3D math, rendering algorithms, and data structures
• Excellent knowledge of a broad range of graphics APIs and shader languages including DirectX and OpenGL/GLSL
• Experience with implementing rendering solutions
• Familiar with methods of platform abstraction or game engine development
• Experience optimizing game engines for various platforms

Bonus Points:
• Prior AR / VR development experience
• Embedded or mobile systems experience
• Experience using Unity’s core engine source code and tools
• Experience using Unreal Engine core engine source code and tools

Email applications to: jobs@realseriousgames.com