GAME DESIGNER - Global English

Job Position: 

Global English is looking for a Game Designer with a passion for creating beautiful and engaging digital worlds and learning experiences for children.  Working with our creative team, curriculum developers, digital pedagogy team, and instructional designers, you will design a rich 3D world for children to explore, learn and create in.

Position: Game Designer

Work Type: Full time
Start date:  Immediate start 
Location: Sydney, Australia
Remuneration: A$75K-85K depending on experience

Why Work for Global English?

A dynamic, inspiring, fun, collaborative and challenging place to work.  Here’s the opportunity to join a multi-national start-up with huge ambitions to improve children’s lives in China and around the world. 

Responsibilities and Duties

Develop engaging gameplay mechanisms and systems for our virtual world
Develop and maintain design documentation
Develop and optimise player engagement, retention and learning outcomes based on data-driven analysis, A/B tests and user testing
Produce wireframes, paper-prototypes and digital prototypes of gameplay systems
Effective communication with executive leadership, and other teams
To create something with an innate sense of fun, engagement and educational rigour

Candidate Requirements

4+ years game design experience, including for mobile/tablet
The ability to communicate gameplay ideas to a diverse team
Experience designing games in a commercial setting
Experience creating gameplay prototypes in Unity, Flash, Gamemaker, or similar
An interest in creating content for children
An enthusiastic, passionate, performance-driven, self-starter with a collaborative work style
Entrepreneurial and resilient – innovation is at the heart of our business so we need people who are flexible, open minded and love being challenged on their views


Please email your resume, cover letter, portfolio links and anything else to pique our interest to Andy Cook at