See Through Studios: Halfway Mark


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The team are now 48 hours into the 96 hour development period for their debut game, and tensions are... reasonably low! Meet writer/marketing manager Saul Alexander, voice actor Michael Richardson and programmer Thomas Bowker as they talk shop on what's been happening since the last video.

[One team. Ninety-six hours. One game. One dollar. Follow the creative team at the brand new See Through Studios as they embark on a mission to create, market and monetize a complete game within a three week, ninety-six hour development period. Their current project, Flatland, brings the concept from Edwin A. Abbott's classic two-dimensional novel up to the modern age, forging it into a game of dark and violent geometry wars.]

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You can also follow their development diaries in Kotaku.

Shot & edited by David Molloy.

Music by Angus O'Sullivan for the game "Flatland: Fallen Angle".