Massteroid Gameplay Trailer [Universal]

Massteroid Gameplay Trailer [Universal]

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Coming October 17 2013: The XBLIG classic Massteroid comes to iOS and Android devices for the first time in this adrenaline fuelled, destructive journey through space.

Watch out for black holes, and other hazards that threaten to reduce your size and you plummet towards the planet below.

The people of earth aren't giving up without a fight! As you get closer you'll have to dodge missiles, mines and other earthly defences. Can you outsmart the people of Earth or will you become intergalactic roadkill?

* Three different control styles: tilt, tap or drag.
* Easy, medium and master difficulty settings.
* Gourmet Mode: play as a giant space pizza! Seriously!
* Sudden Death Mode: survive as long as you can.
* Endless Mode: play forever.
* Achievements and leader boards