GCAP19: VMDO Presents: Games + Music; Your Perfect Soundtrack

GCAP19: VMDO Presents: Games + Music; Your Perfect Soundtrack

Talk: VMDO Presents: Games + Music; Your Perfect Soundtrack
Speakers: Yasmin Naghavi, Sebastian Wolff, Mason Lieberman, Niamh Houston, Fabian Malabello

Note: There is an error with the recording where it's pointing at the wrong side of the stage for half of the presentation.

Yasmin Naghavi ( Media Arts Lawyers), Sebastian Wolff (Materia Collective), Mason Lieberman (Tencent), CHIPZEL, Fabian Malabello (The Otherworld Agency, Boss Battle Records).

Music’s importance to video games is indelible: enhancing an immersive experience, connecting to characters, driving play on and so much more. How do you find the right piece music or the right artists to create, perform and record it and then how do you navigate the complexities of licensing, publishing and masters? This panel of international experts will demystify the global video game music industry and discuss their own experiences to help ensure you’re armed with the tools to find the perfect soundtrack.

Presented by the Victorian Music Development Office VMDO). The VMDO is focused on supporting the Victorian contemporary music industry now and into the future. An initiative of the Victorian Government, the VMDO is delivered by Music Victoria. www.vmdo.com.au

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Video courtesy of GCAP and the Game Developers' Association of Australia.