de Blob 2: The Underground video preview by IGN


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IGN takes a look at de Blob 2: The Underground. What was once only for Nintendo Wii, in this video preview IGN paints the town red on the Xbox 360 and PS3.


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Looks amazing, with all the bad news in the Australian industry lately it is nice to see Blue Tongue doing some great work.

I'm looking forward to this game, and really hoping it turns out well. The first De Blob on Wii was good fun (and technically impressive) so with the right marketing and a bit of luck this could turn into a real cult hit on PS3/360.

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I just had a thought. If Super Meat Boy ever went 3D, Blue Tongue could pretty much do it by reskinning this game ;) It's already got liquid flicking off the main character and the wall jumping mechanics. All it needs is darker colours, a whole lot of spinning razor blades, and some extra crazy hard level design.

The artstyle is awesome as usual, the new engine is impressive, and the side-scrolling parts look very cool.

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Looks amazing? ... really?
Compared to what.

Still I do hope it does well, at least to help the terrible state of our local industry.

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...compared to ya mum.

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Sure does look amazing! Personally I rated Blob 1 as one of the most visually impressive games to come out on the Wii at that time. Not merely technically, but for having such a wonderful, colourful, artistic style. From what we've seen so far, it looks like the sequel is poised to surpass the original in just about every respect. If Blue Tongue can pull this off, and still keep a solid 60 fps, then you can compare this game favourably to greats like Mario Galaxy, at least in the visuals department.

As for Xbox and PS3, the latest videos look very nice but you can tell that the Wii is still their primary focus. Still, with crisper details, longer draw distances and some extra effects thrown in, it's definitely a step up. I'm still tossing up which version of this game to buy - right now thinking PS3 w/ Move. :)

If nothing else, it's just refreshing to see a game on the PS3 or 360 with such a vibrant colour palette. That alone will make Blob stand out from the vast crowd of grainy brown-grey shooters out there.

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Interested to see how a "casual" game like this will do on the "hardcore" consoles. It's a tough call. But I hope it does well. The Aussie industry could use the shot in the arm, that's for sure.

Does anyone know if the game will be released through PSN / XBLA?

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It will be retailing as a standard boxed copy I would think.