Emma Frost - White Queen

Hey guys,

Next character off the ranks for me, Emma Frost the White Queen, this was my entry for the 2009 Comicon Challenge over at GameArtisans.org. THe budget was 10000 triangles and 1 x 2048 textures.

She is 9700 Triangles and 1 x 2048x2048 diffuse specular and normal maps.

I really enjoyed working on her, I hope you guys like her too!


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I really like the textures!!! good job!

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Face, fingers, anatomy, everything is just phenomenal. What can I say other than really, really, really excellent work :)

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Thanks Souri, glad you like!

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Nice! But get your mind out of the gutter, Troy! God damn. And do some better job.
<3 Travis

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HAHAHAHAHA! . Right back at you !! Do some real job. *followed by idiotic gestures / sound effects and rediculous haircut*

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WOW! You've got some serious skill, very impressed with her. Where did you do her in? Where did you study?

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Hey thanks,

She was completed in Max 2008, Zbrush 3.5 and photoshop cs3. I studied at home by myself :)

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first image
on top of head
left part of hair