tsumea migration progress

Hi there, I thought I'd spend a few words on how we're going with migrating the site.

We're migrating tsumea to a newer Content Management System and while we've done this a bunch of times in the past, it's never been as much work as it has this time round. The main difference now is that it's a migration (where data needs to be transformed and lots of things need to be rebuilt) rather than an upgrade (where the data remains pretty much the same and the site is mostly fine after upgrading).

The data migration is completed, and I'm currently rebuilding the entire site again from scratch. I've also taken this opportunity to rebuild it in a better way. The old site was built upon years and years of small changes and adjustments, but I can structure things a whole lot better starting with a clean slate.

So what does this mean for everyone else? We're fast reaching 20 years online with tsumea and I've wanted to achieve a few goals before we reach this milestone. The primary one would be to finally release a native tsumea app for mobile (we had one in near completion back in 2011 but that's a story for another time) as well as a few other specific things that a site like tsumea is more than suited for. These new goals can only be realised with the migration, so it's a necessary procedure in reaching our goals and the future of the site.

In the meantime, please hold off on uploading artwork or making changes to your profile until the new site is up as they will be lost. We should have this completed and up within another week or two!


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Thank you for your efforts, For me personally its nice to see some sort of community especially in Australia surrounding the gaming industry.

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Very exciting to hear! Looking forward to seeing the new site. One question - is it safe to post jobs during this time, or should users hold off on that as well?
Happy New Year!

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Yes, please continue to post job postings. I'm manually adding them to the new site, so they won't be lost.