Infinite Interactive - Web Developers Required


Infinite Interactive is seeking one or more web developers or programmers with some experience in any of the following areas:

    Python Programming

    Ajax and Django


    Javascript UI Libraries such as Dojo


1-2 years experience in web development or programming is preferred, but we are also willing to consider new graduates if they demonstrate a good knowledge of these technologies and fit well within our team.

Position will be full-time for a 2-3 month probationary period, at the end of which we will assess the status of both the employee and the associated project with a view to a permanent position.

Please send your CV and a Cover Letter to

A little background about us. Infinite Interactive is located in Bay St, Port Melbourne. Previously operating as the Melbourne office of the Sydney developer SSG from 1989-2002, Infinite Interactive became independent in late 2002.

We have developed the Warlords series of strategy titles on PC, and have recently moved to handheld and console development.

Infinite has also begun to explore the possibilities of the "Serious" gaming market with a soon-to-be-announced product for the Australian financial industry.

We are a small, easygoing, hard-working team, with immense pride in the quality of our work.

You can read more about us and our products at:

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