Torus are hiring


Game Designer & Map Builder Wanted
With new projects in and more coming up fast, we in the Design Department have need for new blood. We want two things:

A new game designer. Know anyone who's keen? They'll need good writing and communication skills, be creative, be keen... actually, they'll have to have everything contained in the attached ad. Applications for Designer close this Monday 29th July, 2002.

A new map builder. We want someone who's had 2D experience, preferably with platform games and the like. 3D experience is an important one too, but 2D skills are essential. Again, look at the attached ad. Applications for Map Builder close next Tuesday 30th July, 2002.

Torus is based in Melbourne, so if you're interested, visit their site at

davidcoen's picture

what attached add? oh well, too late anyway

//ps. thanks for all this work you are doing souri

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I got that news post from Ausgamers, and unfortunately they didn't include the attached ad. It would be nice if Torus sent the press release to us themselves, or even posted here about it (I've emailed them about the site), but hey, what can you do.