Temp QA Tester for THQ Studio Australia



THQ Studio Australia, based in Brisbane, Australia, is a developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software. Founded in January 2003 as part of THQ Inc., THQ Studio Australia now employs more than 80 talented staff developing on all major console platforms, including Microsoft Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

We are currently seeking a Temp QA Tester, the successful applicant will be responsible for testing products in development and executing test cases. They will also be required to effectively communicate defects to the rest of the development team and enter bugs into the bug database. This position will report directly to the Lead QA Tester.


· Defect testing on all game products
· Bug reporting for each product tested
· Performance testing on all game products
· Assisting the facilitation of focus testing sessions
· Clear and concise communication of all issues


· Game industry experience required
· Knowledge of QA and QA processes required
· Enthusiasm and knowledge of video games in general
· Programming / Scripting experience desired
· University Education desired



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This is a temp position, so you would be paid by the hour.

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How long is the duration of this contract?

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I'm just wondering what do you consider as game industry experience? I graduated at a Game Development University that teaches how the game industry works and the university put u on tight deadlines so we have to meet our milestones.

I'm currently still looking for a job in the industry and all the jobs require a published game or 2+ years experience in the industry, it's very hard for a graduate.