Sidhe Interactive is Hiring!


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Sidhe Interactive ( is a Wellington, New Zealand based game development studio. Developing across console, handheld, and PC, Sidhe has created a range of innovative products including the award winning original title GripShift®, the vibrant Speed Racer The Videogame, the successful Rugby League series, genre defining Melbourne Cup Challenge, and sales success Jackass The Game.

Sidhe is currently recruiting reliable, proactive, and talented candidates for exciting original and licensed projects on PS3, 360, Wii and PS2, and has multiple vacancies available.

All roles are full time with benefits, and on location in the Wellington studio.

Available roles include

Senior Programmers
Experienced senior game programmers sought to undertake software design and engineering tasks. Candidates should have strong engineering and documentation skills, experience on multiple shipped titles, detailed knowledge of C++, with mentoring and team leading experience beneficial.

Talented programmers sought to undertake game programming and development tasks. Candidates should have good C++ experience and ability, with good written and oral communication. Networking, AI, physics, or graphics knowledge beneficial.

Systems Administrator
Proactive individual sought to undertake network and systems administrative tasks. Candidates should have strong communication, good time management skills, broad software and hardware knowledge, and extensive Linux experience. Scripting and web development skills an advantage.

Game designers
Experienced game designers sought to undertake game concepting and game design tasks. Candidates should have strong documentation and oral communication skills, extensive game knowledge, and experience on multiple shipped titles.

Texture Artists
Versatile texture artists sought to undertake conceptual design, illustration, and modelling sheet tasks. Candidates should have strong traditional and digital 2D art skills, strong UV mapping and texture efficiency, advanced knowledge of techniques such as normal mapping, and be able to work across multiple genres.

3D Artists
Solid 3D artists sought to undertake 3D modelling and production tasks. Candidates should have strong modelling and UV mapping skills, and display geometric and texture efficiency and consistency.

Talented animators sought to undertake character and environmental animation tasks for both realtime and prerendered output. Candidates should have detailed understanding of weight and motion, timing, and rigging.

Technical Artists
Candidates with combined technical and creative skills sought for MAYA/Photoshop scripting, pipeline and Windows based tools development, and effects prototyping/programming. C++ skills an advantage.

All candidates should supply a full CV and also send source code, examples, or showreel on print, VHS, DVD, CDROM, or link to a complete online resource as appropriate. Candidates should send their application to or

Sidhe Interactive
PO Box 6203
Marion Square