Junior Designer for THQ Studio Australia

Job Position: 

THQ Studio Australia is looking for a Junior Designer to work on a next-gen, character based action title. This is a great opportunity to break into the industry.

Preferred Skills:

Game Design Experience - Preferably having worked on console titles before, or has high quality modding experience on current titles.

Level Design - Can take a brief and expand it into a full level design document, describing all the key game play elements in detail. Then go on to deliver a level that looks good and plays great.

Tools Knowledge - Has created levels in a variety of tools, has knowledge of Maya or some other 3D package and has familiarity with scripting languages.

Console Knowledge - Able to offer valid opinions on a range of console titles, describing in detail their strengths and weaknesses.

Documentation Skills - Able to write coherent, concise documents on level plans, game proposals, weapons design, interface design etc.

Communication Skills - To be able to liaise with programmers, artists, and other designers both technically and creatively. Demonstrate ability to deal with schedules, and both internal and external feedback loops.

Technical Background - An ability to deal with technical constraints, has a broad understanding of the design process, and be able to problem solve.

Please send you resumes and examples to:

PO Box 1148
Spring Hill, Qld 4004

or email to: