Microforte Modeller Job details


3D Modeller

First Xbox MMOG
$$ negotiable

Micro Forte Sydney is currently developing the first Xbox exclusive Massively Multiplayer Online Game. Do you want your models to touch the minds of over 100,000 people? Cool, we need a sadistic looking brain probe modelled in twelve polygons... Your job is to construct low-polygon models that not only look fantastic but work within the constraints of the game engine. You will be required to build items, creatures and scenery models within 3DSMAX. As a guide, our character models are around 3000 polys. You will be working closely with the Lead Artist, and Art Director creating the details that bring our breathtaking environments to life.
Texturing skills are definitely a bonus.


Extensive 3DSMAX skills
Character Studio
A showreel demonstrating low polygon modelling and texturing ability (nothing cartoony please)
Ability to model and texture to a given style and direction


Games Industry or Mod Experience
Photoshop / painter skills
Photorealistic modelling /texturing skills
Level design and construction
2D life drawing skills
Animation skills
Enjoys working in a team
Avid gamer

Application and Portfolio Guidelines

Online portfolios or CDs are fine. You will be required to provide a full portfolio at interview stage. Please supply examples of low poly models and scenes, including mesh renders, textures, and 2D hand rendered art. Subject matter we are interested in includes scenery (cityscapes as well as outdoor), items and weapons, characters and animals. Please provide polygon count information, and text explaining what parts are your work if the examples are from games or other group work. You will need to be prepared to do a modelling test in 3DS MAX as part of our interview process.

If you believe that you are the right person for this position, please forward your resume and portfolio either by mail or email to:
Attention: Sydney Studio Jobs - Micro Fort? Pty Ltd - 95 Rose Street Chippendale -
NSW 2008 Australia.
E-Mail: jobs@syd.microforte.com.au