Level & Script Design work with Playscape Games


Level & Script Design

Playscape Games has an opening for a creative, technically skilled person/studio to assist with the development of level and script content for our J2ME role-playing game series Arcadia.

We require the following services:

- Coding and testing in-game scripted content to run in Playscape Games' RPG engine, including quests, conversations, triggers and events. The scripts are written using a simplified subset of the Java programing language, and this work requires a technically capable developer with previous exposure to programming concepts. Creativity, imagination and resourcefulness will be required to get the most out of our engine's capabilities.

- Assembling, testing and refining game levels from terrain and sprite palettes using an in-house visual tool.

- Designing, testing and balancing character, NPC and monster abilities, upgrades, items and quest rewards.

- Testing and tuning AI behaviour parameters

- The work shall be extending an established game project with existing levels and scripts, so you need to be able to pick-up and fit with the product's current style and direction.

The ideal candidate will demonstrate:

- Ability in RPG-style level/game/mod design with supporting examples(s)
- Familiarity with Java programming language
- Experience with technical software tools including game scripting
- Track record of activity and interest in story- & character- oriented fantasy RPG game development
- Appropriate university level qualifications


- The work shall be required incrementally over a period of several months at a gradual rate suitable for a part-time commitment.
- We are seeking an independent contractor/studio to provide their own work environment and equipment.
- You must be able to meet face-to-face with us in Melbourne on a monthy basis.
- We anticipate payment shall be based on a negotiated hourly rate with time estimates per task.
- A written contract including provisions for confidentiality and IP assignment will be required.

Please send expressions of interest to 'jobs' at playscapegames dotcom, including a CV, a Website/Portfolio link, and optional supporting materials up to 1Mb